Beefs & Bouquets, March 15

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A big bouquet and hugs to my family and friends who made my 80th birthday so special. I had a wonderful time and have some very happy memories to treasure.

a Bouquet of African Gerbera Daisies for Jessie and Leanne at the Woodgrove Centre Chapters. They have been inspirational in the return of a wildlife artist.

an appreciative bouquet to all the staff and management at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. I was a patient there twice recently and the care I received was friendly, professional and prompt. I felt safe and cared for. So many professionals have given me all the directives necessary to get strong and well again. Yes, it is busy, but I did not meet one grouchy person.

A heartful bouquet to Toby Gorman at the Nanaimo News Bulletin for his excellent article: Canada gets more cozy with China. When people care more for the environment and less for greed, what a better world it will be for humans and animals alike.

An intelligent bouquet to the editorial staff of the Nanaimo News Bulletin for the editorial: Green space has value. In this world of greed and destruction of the environment, humans and animals alike need green space for their existence. Trees and wetlands are the lungs of the planet.

A never ending cup of coffee to Tony at the Nicol Street McDonald’s for his incredible service.

The biggest most beautiful angel bouquet to Sharol at the Labieux Road provincial government offices. You saved me and my kids from poverty and you did it in one day. You are the best.

Thank you to Const. Gary O’Brian, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman, for a presentation on Block Watch and helping us understand how to call the police when needed.

A huge hug and bouquet to Joe Spinelli for being a great handyman. He can do anything at a reasonable rate. I would recommend him to anybody.

A tub full of yellow carnations to the two gentlemen who came to my assistance when I fell at the Terminal Park shopping centre. Your help and concern is much appreciated.

Tiger lilies to the Nanaimo Clippers for the Teacher Appreciation game. I enjoyed it.

A HUGE BOUQUET to the young lady and the two young gentlemen who rushed out to assist this senior by pushing his stalled car off the road recently at the intersection of the Island Highway and Dickinson Road. Who says the younger generation does not care?

A drum roll to Harbour City Music for giving us Day of Drum. It was a great event at which to learn, listen and be inspired.

A warm furry hug to my friend Venus for being with Tigger at the end. Your love and care is appreciated. You have an amazing gift. Thank you, Susan.

A bouquet and thank you to my Grama. You have made my mom’s return to work a million times easier. We are so grateful for you. Love Dylan.

Heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses and volunteer staff on the palliative care unit at NRGH.  Your extraordinary care for my wife Sylvia over a period of three months will never be forgotten. You should all be proud of the way you exemplify the concept of palliative care not just for the patient but also for loved ones. You made a difficult situation far more bearable and for that, I will always be in your debt.

bouquets of spring flowers to the Eagle Point Villa community, especially Louella and Anna, who help me cope with my illness. It is a good place to live.

a big bouquet of white carnations to the Geek Squad and other staff members at Best Buy. I am technologically challenged and will continue to purchase my electronics at Best Buy because whether I am in the store needing advice about what to buy or if I am calling with a technical support question, they are willing, helpful, knowledgeable, patient and kind. No question is a dumb question.

A HUGE bouquet of Kaffir lillies to my dear friend Tami, who has been in the hospital for more than a year. If I had a ton of money, I would build a house where you could live and I would take care of you. I will be thinking of you while I am in the hospital myself. As soon as I recover, I will be at your side again.

a bouquet of irises to Mike, the service manager at KIA. I appreciate Mike’s informed opinion and trust his advice about my Rondo. I know I can rely on Mike to thoroughly explain and answer my questions – even when it’s about fuel consumption on a used vehicle that my son was considering.

Lots of puppy dog kisses and wagging tails to all the kind people who came to Shaggy Days for the half-price nails fundraiser. It was a success and it’s all because of you dog lovers.

A huge bouquet to the teachers who continue to volunteer for extracurricular activities. These are the teachers who really do put kids first.

A sad bouquet to the man in the wheelchair who swore at me when we passed each other on a sidewalk downtown recently. Your life must be pretty miserable to lash out at strangers like that.

A great big beef to a clinic. Refusing to take back an unopened bag of dog food is ridiculous. You won’t get my business again.

A beef to the Nanaimo regional transit system for changing the times on the No. 6 Harewood bus. Now I won’t be able to get to work on time. I’m disabled and cannot walk very well. What will I do now?

A beef to the people in Nanoose Bay who feed the deer in their front yards. Not only are you interfering with Mother Nature and fattening up the already spoiled rotten deer, you are also driving my dogs crazy. Please stop.

a beef. Another lovely walk at Pipers Lagoon spent dodging piles of poop. What more are people supposed to do for you dog owners?  They provide bags to put it in and a trash can to put the bags in and yet you still don’t clean up the poop. And now dog owners have four more off-leash dog parks? This world does not revolve around your dogs.

a beef to the man who parked in the last available disabled parking spot at Thrifty Foods with no placard in your car. We needed that spot.  And when I confronted you in the store about it, you rolled your eyes at me and carried on with your shopping. That was very rude and inconsiderate of you.

A big beef to city council for contemplating hiring a communications officer. We pay them to communicate, but what support staff will be required? Does it ever enter their minds that we cannot afford any more “extras”? I suggest you all sharpen your pencils.

A beef to the smokers who ignore all the no smoking signage along the entrance to NRGH. The pile of butts and even empty cigarette packages is no way to adorn the pathway to a health facility. You should be fined.

a beef to parents who put helmets on their children when biking together, but don’t wear helmets themselves.

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