Beefs & Bouquets, July 31

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BOUQUET To Vans Garage for the prompt and excellent service in getting my car serviceable, allowing me to be tour guide for family visiting from Ontario.

BEEF To the person who takes a blind dog to the fireworks and puts the dog in distress. Ruined the night.

BOUQUET To all those cancer patients and their families who hopefully look forward to the wonderful donations from Relay for Life, $70,000, and from the Order of the Eastern Star, $9,000. Hopefully this fundraising hasn’t gone in the wrong direction without an oncologist in Nanaimo five days a week.

BEEF To the person beefing about the horse manure at the side of the road in Cedar: get a life. Why aren’t you beefing about all the non-biodegradable trash on Cedar roadsides?

BOUQUET To the very capable looking gent who interceded in a road rage altercation outside the grocery store at South Parkway Plaza in July. Without his intervention things could have gotten even more ugly. We need more of his kind of citizen.

BEEF To drivers who neglect to put their brains in gear to plan ahead when they will be turning or exiting a highway and don’t travel in the lane that accommodates the turn or exit. Instead they shove in from the wrong lane at the last moment and often don’t know what their turn signals are for.

BOUQUET Nanaimo city councillors and staff are to be commended for their foresight in acquiring additional adjacent Linley Valley properties to further protect and preserve precious ecosystems and green-space habitats for generations to come.

BEEF To the smokers who use bus shelters as smoke stops and litter them copiously with butts – especially the Commercial and Fitzwilliam bus stop. Butts are indestructible hazardous waste and should be treated as such.

BOUQUET To all the sixth-floor NRGH staff who took such good care of my husband while he was having shoulder surgery,  particularly head nurse Kathryn, LPN Kristi, Tom and Jayson trying to keep everyone happy and comfortable, while cracking jokes. Special thanks to Dr. Birchard.

BEEF To the city for completely destroying our grape vine. We came home to half of our 40-year-old vine missing, and the other half wilting and turning brown. Too bad no one left us a note asking us to trim it before they nearly killed it. Another beef to the neighbour who complained about it to the city but not to us, so we could do something about it.

BOUQUET To Greg at Bullet Proof Mechanic Shop for outstanding service.

BEEF To the city for putting a rail near the loo downtown, which has made it easier to peek by just climbing on it.

BOUQUET To the young lady who found my wallet in Country Club Centre in July and turned it into the lottery booth. You should be proud of yourself for such a good deed.

BEEF To a pizzeria. I called 15 minutes prior to closing hoping to get a last-minute delivery, but was hastily refused service since they were “now closed.” Your day ends at the posted closing time and no time earlier, even 15 minutes prior.

BOUQUET To Thompson Optometrist for repairing my prescription glasses after I walked in with the glasses which I had bought elsewhere. Very pleasant service and no charge.

BEEF To the firewood company that still doesn’t know how to measure and deliver a cord of wood after all these years.

BOUQUET To First Memorial Chapel for the moving and heartfelt service for my late father John Henry Dempsey, and to all the wonderful people who came to say goodbye and me at my time of grief.

BEEF To the people who live near Extension Road: the speed limit is 50 km/h. Just because we don’t live in a cul-de-sac doesn’t mean that there won’t be kids playing. We can’t even cross the street without doing the 50-metre dash to dodge traffic.

BOUQUET To Hanna and all the great people at the Bowen Park amphitheatre who came to my aid when I passed out.

BEEF To a car going up Rutherford Road from Hammond Bay Road, which spun out of control and hit my car. The driver asked me to pull over, but when I turned to get my phone to call police he jumped into his car and took off. ICBC has not ruled it a hit and run because there are no witnesses.

BOUQUET To all the kitchen workers during the hot spell. Just try working over a grill for 70 hungry customers.

BEEF To people who think they can use the garbage bins at local businesses for free. The business pays for that bin, you don’t.

BOUQUET To Connie and Karen at KC’s Boutique for the great customer service and keeping my small body fashionable.

BEEF To the eighth dwarf. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work he doesn’t go.

BOUQUET To Dr. Pistone who, along with staff, keeps our feet in good shape.

BEEF To the car dealership who refused to look at my car because of its “worthless value” and replied to my e-mail asking if they had a certain car in stock with, “We avoid that model at all cost as they’re the worst car ever made.” That’s not a sufficient answer. You obviously don’t want my business so I will take it elsewhere.

BOUQUET To Dick, Rick, Dean, Bob, Steve and Mary for the friendly, helpful and efficient service they provide on the Newcastle Island ferry.

BEEF To the worker locking up the park. The language you used was unacceptable. I am sorry I was putting kids into my car at 9:30 p.m. and you were rushing to lock a gate. The language was very rude.

BOUQUET To my good friends who picked me up in the ’78 Buick and took me to Beefeaters then the Dairy Queen. What a comfortable ride that was.

BEEF To the waitress. How rude of you to walk into the establishment next door, and yell obscenities at me because my dog was barking for a minute. Instead of apologizing to me later about your outbursts, you give me attitude when I walked by you.

BOUQUET To B.C. Summer Games organizers and volunteers. Everywhere I went I saw high-calibre competition, full stands, great sportsmanship and kids having fun. It was a wonderful, memorable week.

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