Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 23

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BOUQUET To the kind person who turned in my credit card at the Superstore gas bar. I am very thankful and will pass the kindness forward.

BEEF The city wants us to pay another 6.2 per cent ($41.23) for water, garbage and sewer user rates on Jan. 1. Inflation in B.C. is currently just over two per cent. Does city council think these fee increases are acceptable or affordable?

BOUQUET To one of the best kept secrets in Nanaimo – The Kebap. I first tried it about a year ago, great tasting food, a very personable caring owner, makes for a good eating experience.

BEEF To the bus driver who almost hit me. I wanted to catch this bus and told him I look through the windshield before putting my foot on the gas. He say, “OK, you’re a better driver.” He should let all ego aside and say he was sorry.

BOUQUET To the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 10 for hosting the People in Pain Network exercise committee’s first-ever fundraiser. Your commitment to our community is appreciated.

BEEF To the cable company. When watching live broadcasts of council meetings, with all its technology and money, you would think that they could broadcast them in high definition.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton GM for flying our big beautiful Canadian flag at Bowen Road and old Island Highway. The presence of that flag on the corner has become iconic.

BEEF To the realty offices. The sidewalk in front of your building is a slippery, slushy mess. The sidewalk before and after your area is beautifully cleaned and very safe for us pedestrians.

BOUQUET To Dr. Bellamy and his amazing, efficient, friendly team. They make a potentially uncomfortable situation as pleasant and happy as possible.

BEEF To the Nanaimo school district for closing schools because of a few inches of snow. I hope winter never comes to Nanaimo or my kids will never get educated.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who saw my umbrella blown inside out by the wind at TD on Bowen Road, then went in the rain and wind to purchase a new one at no charge. You are in my daily prayers for good happenings to you.

BEEF To people who shovel their driveway and push big chunks of snow and ice into the street thereby causing slippery areas that people have to drive through or swerve to miss which could cause an accident.

BOUQUET To Adam at Davey Tree Service and Brian and Ryan for fair prices and wonderful work in my garden. Everything looks great again.

BEEF To drivers who don’t clear the snow and ice off their vehicles before driving 100 km/h on the highway causing other drivers to have to dodge it when comes flying off.

BOUQUET To new podiatrist Dr. Zanbilowicz at Brickyard Clinic. He’s personable, empathetic and has great bedside manner.  He will go to any lengths to ensure your feet are in the best shape ever.

BEEF To those who want you to sign petitions and surveys only online. You’re missing a big section of the population, skewing results.

BOUQUET To Save-On-Foods for the wonderful lunch it prepared and served to the legion guests on Remembrance Day. The food was delicious and the service fantastic.  This is a great way to pay tribute to our veterans.

BEEF To the neighbour who put a huge chunk of frozen snow behind our car, hoping I would run over it and wreck my muffler. We have security footage of your actions. Trespass once more and we’ll have you prosecuted.

BOUQUET To the employee at Country Grocer Chase River who got my turned-in wallet, and after recognizing my photo ID, phoned my place of employment and had my wallet returned before I realized it was missing.

BEEF To my amazing husband, working diligently in the garage, putting the A and B sections together every Thursday.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Fire Rescue for playing basketball with our senior boys’ team at Wellington Secondary’s annual Movember Games fundraiser. Everyone had a wonderful time and it all went to a great cause.

BEEF To those who don’t slow down on Jingle Pot Road for the school zone. Mount Benson is still a school.

BOUQUET To the artisan making and displaying the sweet cutouts along the pond paths at McGregor Marsh/Linley Valley West. The colourful birds and animals really make our daily walk cheery.

BEEF To the shovelling snow and ice beefer. I’m a 92-year-old woman and not only do I shovel snow from my driveway onto the road but also drive over it. No accidents. Also a jackhammer couldn’t remove snow from my car.

BOUQUET To all the businesses that did not participate in the American tradition of Black Friday. Thank you for not getting involved in such foolishness – you’ll get my money on Boxing Day.

BOUQUET To Chico’s Fried Chicken and Pizza for kindly fixing my daughter fresh food when she arrived just as they were closing early. We have been customers of Chico’s for more than 20 years and have never had a complaint.

BOUQUET To Al, the gentleman who stopped to help give my car a jump outside the Rutherford Tim Hortons. Many thanks to my dad, Ted, who showed up moments later to make sure I was able to get to work safely.

BOUQUET To the amazing woman who grabbed my dog when she slipped her collar on Terminal Avenue. Could have been a tragic outcome – forever grateful.

BOUQUET To a nice couple who gave me a nice gift in December.

BOUQUET To Ashley of Sears for her cheerfulness and patience in helping two ‘golden ladies’ to operate a digital watch.

BOUQUET To the 30-plus volunteer Friends of the Library, Harbourfront branch, who made the used book sale such a great success raising $1,100. All proceeds benefit the downtown library in areas not covered by the regular budget.

BOUQUET To all News Bulletin readers. Have a merry Christmas.

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