Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 11

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BOUQUET To Casey, Gary and the Windley team for the lighted sign on Metral for the craft fair.

BEEF To the bingo hall. The small perk of a free coffee in the morning before the first session is now very limited. Those who arrive an hour early can have four cups but the rest of us, nothing.

BOUQUET To Trevor at the north-end Staples store for going above and beyond regular service.

BEEF To some sadistic people who enjoy cruelty toward others.

BOUQUET To the kind young man who picked me up when I fell on the grass on Ninth Street.

BEEF To grocery outlets who throw away food that is on or past due date. You would rather see people starve than have them get a tummy ache from a little piece of mould.

BOUQUET To whoever puts up dinosaurs and owls in trees. We so enjoy finding them during our walks. Very clever and fun.

BEEF To smelly diesel pick up trucks that race on parking lots and roads causing immense diesel black smoke pollution that’s cancerous. A beef to diesel owners who leave engines idling. Please turn off the toxic pollution.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at Woodgrove Co-op gas station. You are all so kind and helpful all year round.

BEEF To the owners who keep their dog chained to a clothesline or porch and provide no exercise, training or stimulation. Why do you have a dog and what do you tell yourself every day to justify what is absolute neglect and cruelty on your part?

BOUQUET To the staff at Eye Mean Graphics and the Sign Zone for their friendly and efficient customer service.

BEEF To shoppers who can’t be bothered to put something back when not needed. If you change your mind, give it to the cashier or staff member – don’t just dump it wherever.

BOUQUET To all the nice bus drivers. Thank you for your hard and safe work.

BEEF To the store. Until recently the discount on perishable items with a soon-to-be expiry date was 50 per cent. Just in time for Christmas, the discount was reduced to 30 per cent. Glad to see corporate greed is alive and well.

BOUQUET To Costco pharmacy staff for coming to my rescue after a bad fall. There are still more good people out there than bad.

BEEF To my neighbour. He’s so lazy he could have tried out for Canadian Idle, but then he just decided to do nothing instead.

BOUQUET To Manh Nguyen at Estevan Denture Clinic. He was able to fix my partial denture so that I can now wear it comfortably and even eat with it in. And a beef to the dentist who said eventually my gums would harden with wear.

BOUQUET To Kellers ads. They are so well done and make me smile.

BOUQUET To Joe, who has supported Buckwheat with his numerous but entertaining telephone messages during her stressful time of medical issues. I believe in karma and I hope it’s headed your way because friends like you are hard to find.

BOUQUET To Kevin, a Good Samaritan, who got my van mobile at the Thrifty Foods parking lot north of town.

BOUQUET To Carey Haubrick, manager of Coast Appliances. His efforts in providing service after the sale resolved all our issues completely. I highly recommend this business.

BOUQUET To people who buy presents for others, especially at Christmas time. It is not consumerism – it is love for relatives, friends and the needy.

BOUQUET To The North Cedar firefighters for their assistance once again. You are all appreciated very much. Proud to be a part of such an amazing community.

BOUQUET To Don Goldsbury and staff for their professionalism and customer service at north-end Midas Muffler and Jim Mitton and staff at Big O Tire on Albert Street. I am pleased to deal with both businesses.

BOUQUET To Mr. and Mrs. Mercer on Douglas Avenue. You are such creative angels to donate your doll and cradle to Paradise Isle Seniors Society.

BOUQUET To the people who voted in the civic election, especially my cousin. When she thought she might not make it to the polls she asked a friend to vote for me.

BOUQUET To Diana at The Well beer and wine store for all the fantastic door prizes yet again.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer at Southgate for your generosity to Paradise Isle Seniors Society. All our seniors appreciate you so much.

BOUQUET To all the nice people at the News Bulletin. Thank you for your nice work.

BOUQUET To the majority of us who still use the word Christmas for Christmas – which is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, now 2014 years ago.

BOUQUET To customers that go out of their way to compliment an employee. We get a lot of negative feedback about things we can’t control so it’s nice to hear something pleasant for a change.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who left $100 to pay for the breakfasts of 12 seniors from Kiwanis Village at Smitty’s. What a wonderful act of kindness and true Christmas spirit.

BOUQUET To the driver on the Needham and Nicol streets intersection for potentially saving my life. Had you not been stopped to turn left onto Nicol Street in front of me, I would have been t-boned by the driver who ran the red light at a high rate of speed.

BOUQUET To the very honest person who gave my wallet to a clerk at Country Club Save-on-Foods in late summer. The store advised me last month that it was in its safe.

BOUQUET To the folks at Lucky’s Liquor Store for helping find just the right kind of Christmas cheer to give to people with whom I share the holidays. They will be delighted to receive this special treat.

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