Beef to the people who feel it is their right to open every ear of corn before they decide which one fits their criteria. Also to the grocery store that allows it during this pandemic, actually, ever.

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 4

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BOUQUET To members of the Nanaimo Fire Rescue who responded promptly to an open campfire in a backyard in the north end. It’s hard to understand why people would do this when there is an open fire ban, a drought, and constant high winds in this area. Thanks to the firefighters, our street didn’t turn into another Lytton.

BEEF To the people who feel it is their right to open every ear of corn before they decide which one fits their criteria. Also to the grocery store that allows it during this pandemic, actually, ever.

BOUQUET To the very kind young man with the black truck who saw my son and I stopped on the highway with a flat tire and pulled over to help on a hot afternoon. You helped us out tremendously by not only getting the spare tire on but also calming my son down in the process. Thank you so much. May good karma always follow you.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo and the residents along Opal Road. Ever since the residents lost their battle trying to control traffic, these folks have taken it upon themselves to park up and down the sides of this street, thereby trying to force traffic into a dangerous single-lane situation. Why is the city perpetuating this fiasco? Get that yellow line painted the full length of Opal Road and the problem will be solved. The roads in this city are for everyone’s use.

BOUQUET To Bill and Jean Carter for being such a valuable business downtown for 38 years. Their support and input during the ups and downs downtown are appreciated and hopefully other businesses will follow their example.

BEEF To the staff member at the pub who refused to sell an overheated senior tourist a can of Coke or a bottle of water. No explanation except ‘sorry, can’t do that.’ Would it have been too hard for you to just offer a glass of water?

BOUQUET To Home Depot. Your clerks are friendly and helpful which makes it a pleasure to shop there.

BEEF To all the globe-trotting, space-travelling hypocrites touting global warming. Have you no conscience? My old internal combustion car definitely is worse than your carbon footprint. What a joke.

BOUQUET To Clint at Ron’s Landscaping. Our appreciation goes out to Clint for the work he does each year in our garden. He’s so helpful, has a positive attitude and does a great job. Thank you.

BEEF Hey folks, Denford Place is not a racetrack. Slow down.

BOUQUET To ER staff and Dr. B. for your help when I was in so much pain. Medication worked fast and my hand and arm are great now. You were so helpful and the doctor was very informative. Thank you.

BEEF To doctors refusing to open their walk-in clinics due to COVID. One clinic for all the people without a family doctor. You can stand in line for hours, day after day hoping to get in the door. Frustrated I found myself travelling to Port Alberni’s clinic. Short wait, nice doctor who was appalled at what Nanaimo is doing as COVID is no longer the issue I was told. We all deserve timely medical treatment by our doctors.

BOUQUET To John, Ann and Benjamin who helped me out of my conundrum at Rathtrevor.

BEEF To the clerks at the liquor store in the strip mall. We wheeled the basket to the very tall counter where the young woman watched my 77-year-old husband put one bottle at a time on the counter. We were short a bottle of wine and when I went to pick up the last bottle, we were berated and told to never come to the till and have her start a transaction and then have to stop it. She did put the bottles into a box, as we had asked her to, and after we paid, she stood there looking at us. We had to ask her if she could please put the heavy box into our basket. Thankfully, another much more friendly employee appeared and came to our rescue.

BOUQUET To KPK Goldsmith in Woodgrove Centre. Very friendly and efficient service when I need watch repair.

BEEF To our neighbour in Harewood for yelling at their dog nearly every day. I think everyone would rather hear your dog barking than hear you screaming and swearing. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean we can’t hear you, especially while walking by. If it annoys you so much, give him to a better home or put him in training classes.

BOUQUET To Adam of Roland Repair who was our good Samaritan. He drove past us stranded with a gnarly blown trailer wheel outside China Creek; he stopped and helped us using his fully equipped utility truck. Because of his kindness we were spared a huge tow bill and were able to limp back to Nanaimo safely. Major gratitude.

BEEF To the city which is supposedly trying to keep Nanaimo beautiful but it’s anything but. The street sweeper is obviously not working and streets in the Wellington area are dirty.

BOUQUET To Pamela Anderson for her new reality TV show coming to HGTV.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for only banning one-use plastic bags. Has anyone really looked around the modern-day grocery store? Almost everything is packaged in pretty much one-use plastic containers. I have been horrified to find out that, apparently, Canada thinks it is OK to have developing-world countries dispose of mounds of our plastic. When do we become responsible for our wasteful excessive behaviours?

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind man at Shoppers Drug Mart who gave me the last bottle of allergy eye drops that he had planned to buy. I guess he saw my panda red and swollen eyes. You’re an angel.

BEEF To the church leaders and clergy who are not opening up the church for in-church worship until the middle of August.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for brightening my Wednesdays. I’m a 98-year-old widow and reading your paper brings back lots of old memories. I’ve been putting off writing in mainly because younger generations will think my complaint is unimportant. As we get older, trying to handle large flyers is hopeless and I miss a lot of bargains. Thanks to Country Grocer, London Drugs, Buckerfields for their lap-sized flyers.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money on gates and fences and anything to keep people out instead of putting it to use building a drop-in centre.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for the plastic bag ban which will hurt the two or three corner stores left in south Nanaimo. Walk-in business needs a convenient carry-all. It was the introduction of the light duty plastic bag which saved corner stores back in the ’70s.

BEEF To the man who picked up my lost wallet from the washroom floor at the supermarket and emptied it of my dental bill cash of $340. I noticed you heartily laughing as you ran into a friend at the front door, holding my empty wallet. When I said it was my mine, you said you’d found it empty. I never understood why you were going to your car and not to customer service. I know you took that money and I know you’ll never have luck stealing from a senior.

BEEF To the person who thinks our prime minister should sue the Catholic church and the pope. That doesn’t make any sense; this isn’t America where you just sue anyone.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. My grandson and I were at Sway’ A’ Lana lagoon the other day, where my husband used to go swimming, but the weeds and garbage that was in there was gross. What a cesspool. Why isn’t cleaned up? I am sure people would like to enjoy going for a swim on a nice day.

BEEF To all the phone swindlers.

BEEF To the people choosing vandalism over celebrating Canada Day. Definitely does not get me to support anyone’s so-called cause. Where are the consequences?

BEEF To those who are using Hammond Bay as a raceway track late at night. Your screeching tires can be heard from kilometres away. Smarten up and find something better to do. This can only lead to a tragic accident. Where are the police on this stretch of road?

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo waste collection services. Your driver stopped in front of a driveway and got out to fix some problem with the truck. In the process, oil leaked over a large portion of the driveway/street. How about using your spill kit, that’s why it’s on your truck.

BEEF To pro communist/socialist supporters. Have we not learned any lessons from the past? Cuba is a shining example of failure of this way of thinking. Wake up.

BEEF I go to the doctor and get a prescription and get it filled at the pharmacy and I get a bill to pay. I’m on retirement and still have to pay. If I’m on the streets, I’d get free drugs. Something wrong with this system.

BEEF To the older man riding with the little girl on his motorcycle. I think motorcycles are cool. That being said, even I was appalled at what I saw near Long Lake when you roared by with a girl who couldn’t be more than six years old. Her body language strongly expressed that she was freezing. I watched you weave in and out of traffic with no signal lights. I tried to catch your plate number but you were going too fast for me to keep up.

BEEF To the senior with the veteran licence plate parking in disability parking at the mall. If I’m wrong someone correct me. You still have to put a tag on your mirror or dash to park in disability spaces. He argued all veterans are ‘entitled’ to also park in disability spaces.

BEEF To T., I found your empty Starbucks cup wedged between the seats on the bus. The bus is not your trash can. I see this happen so often, please just take your trash with you.

BEEF To Premier John Horgan saying they should open the border between the U.S. and B.C. because right now COVID-19 is running rampant in the state of Washington. B.C. has done so well in the control of this horrid virus and now he wants to open the border.

BEEF What is the world coming to, when residents of a care home – which shall be nameless – have to pay an extra $6 to have a food tray delivered to their door?

BEEF To the local contracting business that forces employees of the complex to park our vehicles in dirt. I know numerous people who have had nails in their tires after the nearby construction and my last new vehicle had a permanent squeal in the brakes due to debris, not to mention how dirty our cars get. Instead of threatening to tow us for not parking where you think we should, why don’t you slap some asphalt on it so we can all be happy?

BEEF To this so-called conservative budget and to the $68 additional property tax. It is obvious that city council only cares about squandering the Nanaimo taxpayers’ money away.

BEEF I second the beef about having to buy plastic bags now for garbage instead of re-using. The stores don’t provide a bag unless you pay, so the cost is all on the consumer.

BEEF To those who are in charge of fixing the potholes on the Island Highway. Is their motto ‘Let the big ones go and the little ones grow?’ Dangerous.

BEEF To the person who was complaining about Statistics Canada. Stats Can collects data which guides policy makers to make important decisions. As someone who has backpacked through 77 countries and worked in Africa I have seen grinding poverty, starvation, corruption, environmental degradation and feel offended when you refer to Canada as “Godforsaken.” Canada comes out year after year rated as one of the top 10 countries to live in, as well as being on the top 10 for the happiest people in the world.

BEEF To the global-warming alarmists. I am scolded when I drive my car, flush a toilet or heat my home meanwhile billionaires burn tons of rocket fuel for fun. Where’s the media outrage? Crickets.

BEEF To myself for being a proud Canadian for nearly 90 years. I am now ashamed to face the rest of the world as a Canadian. I owe this shame to the Catholic church and past governments that had deaf ears and blind eyes to the facts.

BEEF To smokers who toss their butts into my dry grass that I can’t water. Your habit should not jeopardize my property. Take your butt(s) home and dispose safely. You should be fined for littering and proceeds go to getting people off the habit. Also pick up your dog poop; don’t have a pet if you’re not capable of the responsibility.

BEEF To the self-appointed traffic controllers. Teach the kids not to play on the road. Park your cars in your yard and donate the money spent on signs to a charity.

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