Beef. Why we can’t have nice things: dropping your garbage on the floor in the picnic shelter at Bowen Park 2.5 metres from a trash container is beyond lazy and inconsiderate. (Photo submitted)

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 25

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BOUQUET To the Rugged Coast Research Society for their great work removing ocean-borne trash from our coast and their continued work in collaboration with First Nations. Thank you.

BEEF I thought there were water restrictions annually here, especially during this drought. Saw a building in the Country Club area with a beautiful lush lawn. Was this a divine intervention?

BOUQUET To the lady travelling on the ferry from Duke Point to Tsawwassen. Being partially disabled, I had difficulty controlling my wheeled case, purse etc., going down the off ramp due to the steep angle. This lady asked me if I needed help and promptly took hold of my belongings and brought them safely to the bottom of the ramp. I’m extremely grateful. Angels definitely do exist.

BEEF To the tourists from Alberta or farther, who fill up the ferries so the locals get hosed and then act like we should welcome you here? Your kids are too loud and you brought the whole kit and kaboodle across the ferry? Please stay home and keep safe.

BOUQUET To my friends Wolfgang, Franz and Ludwig for keeping my ears company during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BEEF To the self-absorbed person and his portable speakers. When an issue is brought to their attention, most people would act like decent neighbours and consider their community, sadly your sense of privilege and entitlement causes you to mock the good neighbours.

BOUQUET To Sandra the child life specialist at NRGH as well as the wonderful lab tech Lisa, who helped my daughter feel comfortable and brave enough to have an important procedure without sedation. Phobias are hard to overcome and she was so proud of herself. Thank you for showing her what she is capable of.

BEEF To the cab driver who yelled obscenities to a young man just because he didn’t cross the road fast enough at the Departure Bay ferry terminal bus stop, and when I called him on it, yelled at me. Nice role modelling at your age. You don’t own the road and that young man may be the one taking care of you in a few years so try to be kind.

BOUQUET To handyman Richard D. at His Handiwork for superior service and infinite patience in determining a problem and working on it till he got it to perfection.

BEEF To the nosy neighbour who likes to listen to a potential dangerous situation just to complain about their ear drums being disturbed? What kind of person sits there and listens to abuse and only gossips about it in the beefs and bouquets? The whole street knows who you are and now we know never to think of you as a helpful neighbour.

BOUQUET To Ash, Karl and Melissa in the appliance department at Lowe’s. We purchased a new refrigerator, but upon delivery, realized there was a mix-up on the door swing. Ash came out to our house, but wasn’t able to correct it, so he went above and beyond and ordered a new replacement. We will be buying our next appliances there. Customer service at its best. Thank you.

BEEF To the business. In busy summer traffic, your company van tailgated my car all the way down Hammond Bay. Worse, when I stopped to turn, you illegally passed me. You had no way of being sure that no one was on the crosswalk which you sped through at at least 75 kilometres an hour. If this is the amount of patience and safety consideration your business operates with, I’ll gladly send people elsewhere. Disappointing and irresponsible. I’m happy no one was hurt.

BOUQUET To all the Canadian hospitality workers for turning a page and their back on employers offering low wages and instability. Never look back.

BEEF To the market. What happened? A shadow of its former self. Wonder if it has something to do with those rumours about the owners taking advantage of the newer female help and now having trouble keeping staff because they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Bad form.

BOUQUET To flyin’ Phil. Hope you’re doing OK.

BEEF To the Opal Road residents who try to limit traffic by parking their vehicles along the shoulders of the street. We all pay taxes for the unfettered uses of these public streets. If you don’t like it, perhaps you should move or get together, purchase the road from the city, set up gates on either end and pay for your own garbage removal and water issues.

BOUQUET I would like to sincerely express my immense gratitude to the incredible people who came to assist me in my scary accident at the Nanaimo River. I am grateful for so many people: my dear friends, the firefighter, the lifeguard, SAR personnel, RCMP, three young men, whoever gave us the tube, paramedics, hospital staff, nurses, doctors, the sweet lady when I was leaving the hospital, and family and friends who have offered well wishes, flowers, gifts and food. Thank you.

BEEF To B.C. Housing, which harms marginalized folks by making arbitrary systems for unhoused people to navigate, just to be told that they’re not good enough for a program.

BOUQUET To everyone who works at Eat Fresh. I cannot say thank you enough. The meats, the seafood, the ambience, the key lime pie, the Szechuan green beans, the brussels sprouts – everything there is top notch especially the boys behind the counter. They always go out of their way to make people’s days better, and a smile is about all it takes. Cheers.

BEEF To the city. Why is the situation regarding Opal Road allowed to continue when it can be simply solved by continuing the centre yellow line the full length of this street from Rock City to Tunnah? This would cease the unsafe parking along the shoulders of this road.

BOUQUET To Dr. Myung and his staff at Rutherford Dental for their care and kindness during our recent visits.

BEEF To dog owners who will pick up doggy doo if they think someone may be watching, then discard it on the way home if they think no one is watching. Better to just leave it than to skulk about littering our city with plastic bags.

BOUQUET Thanks to Warsh’s Law for going above and beyond to accommodate a physically handicapped senior.

BEEF To the men hanging around the hospital area drinking beer every day leaving cans on the ground. Smarten up and be more careful with your cigarette butts too.

BOUQUET To the kind person who found my lottery ticket and turned it in at Save-On- Foods. I’m a senior and treat myself to one every week and it was a $30 winner. Thank you for restoring my faith in the goodness of humans.

BEEF To the city. If you want to place a port-a-potty in the Cavan Street area, please put it in front of city hall. The residents of this area have had enough. Your turn.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the kind man at Departure Bay Beach who saw that clear bag of outgoing mail had fallen from my car and put it under my wiper blade, found me and told me.

BEEF To the person two blocks down with the raggedy sports car. If we wanted to hear death every night around 8 p.m., I would’ve gone to my wife’s room when she sadly passed of lupus.

BOUQUET Shout out to Bonaventure Support Services, thanks for helping me.

BEEF To my neighbour three doors over who likes to pull in late in the evening. I suggest you make some adjustments on your car.

BOUQUET To all the people making music on the waterfront.

BEEF To our neighbour in the Fairview area for yelling at his dog every day. Everyone on the street can hear you. Quite honestly, we would rather hear the dog barking than hear you yelling and swearing. Put him in some behaviour classes if it bothers you so much, or find a more suitable home where he won’t be yelled at.

BOUQUET To Dr. Bonnie Henry for being awesome through all the adversity. Please run for prime minister.

BEEF Has the speed limit on Departure Bay Road from the bay itself up to either mall changed? It could sure use the traffic calming that other roads managed to acquire.

BOUQUET To the teachers questioning why, with delta now affecting younger people, masks are still not going to be required in schools.

BEEF To RDN Transit’s Sunday schedule. It is absolutely ridiculous that the last bus leaves at 7:45 p.m. Added an airport route, made another route dedicated to Cedar, but not extend Sunday? For the sake of the passengers, please work on this.

BOUQUET Thank you to the ferry crew of the Queen of Cowichan who made sure that a beloved stuffed seal made it back ashore complete with a new captain’s hat and wishes. You made a travelling boy very happy.

BEEF Please Nanaimo public works, install a sign advising ferry-goers the Cilaire neighbourhood does not have access to the ferry terminal. Every year there are cars and trailers racing down our streets. All of this is a simple fix, install a sign at the top of Montrose saying no ferry access.

BOUQUET To the Haven thrift store, always such friendly staff, they make you feel like family, I frequent there often and it’s always an awesome time, great finds and amazing prices. Keep up the good work ladies and gentleman.

BEEF To the man in the black car who got to the stop sign on Third and Howard after me and when I proceeded to turn left when I had right of way, you ran the stop light and lectured me to read the driver’s manual. I did. I was right of course and you could have hit me.

BOUQUET To Frank at Rona for the expert advice he gave me when I went in to buy a Venetian blind. He showed me something very useful.

BEEF To DFO. You effectively managed the East Coast fisheries into obsolescence and now you have done the same with the West Coast fisheries. Where’s the accountability?

BOUQUET To Quality Foods which always give you way more Chinese food take-out than you are expecting.

BEEF Why we can’t have nice things: dropping your garbage on the floor in the picnic shelter at Bowen Park 2.5 metres from a trash container is beyond lazy and inconsiderate. I daily come across refuse discarded throughout this beautiful park but this really takes the cake. Disgusted.

BOUQUET To C-Tow for rescuing us from shallow water, a kelp field and strong winds in the harbour. Your service was fast and efficient. We know who to call if there is a next time.

BEEF For the biker who thinks it’s OK to blast his pipes up and down Metral every night and speed over 100 km/h. Do you really think we want to hear your cry for attention every night? Hey RCMP, we have noise bylaws and speed limits, why not try enforcing them?

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Track and Field Club coaches and athletes. A great showing at provincials despite the challenges of the past year.

BEEF As someone who works and shops downtown, can we please remind motorists travelling south on Commercial Street that a left or right-hand signal would be appreciated as they approach the awkward intersection of Wallace, Albert and Victoria Crescent? You have the right-of-way and we’d love to know where you’re headed. It would really help keep things moving.

BOUQUET To the 49th Parallel Grocery in Cedar for friendly service and big smiles from all the staff. Delicious cakes.

BEEF To individuals using headphones. In this day and age there are various portable speakers to choose from that allow music to be shared publicly. Why keep the groove to yourself when others can enjoy the gift of music?

BOUQUET To Live Wire Catering. A delicious barbecue dinner for our wedding. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the customer in the bakery who, upon being advised her loyalty cards had expired, swore at an employee. I noticed the customer said she would not shop there anymore, and considering this happened at Nanaimo’s best bakery, I think I know who ended up as the loser here.

BOUQUET To Dr. Lam and his team for seeing my sister on short notice and getting the organic flake out of her eye.

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