Beefs & Bouquets, April 21

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BOUQUET To Toby Patterson for being such an amazing man. We love you.

BEEF To the road repair on Southampton Street. That’s the worst residential street in B.C.

BOUQUET To Gabriel’s Café, which had a one-day fundraiser for the fire victims – $4,000, wow. While you are at the café saying thanks, have a $4 breakfast sandwich – great.

BEEF To the beefer on holding the door for his daughter with cerebral palsy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

BOUQUET A pat on the back to the seven on council. Lots of thought and backbone for your call on the mayor.

BEEF To the beefer about her problem that someone should be so ignorant as to hold the door for her handicapped daughter. A man always holds the door for any woman.

BOUQUET To Paul at Shaw for going above and beyond to fix my phone system in my commercial building downtown. Shaw is lucky to have an employee like him.

BEEF To city council for suspending committees. How do you know what the public is thinking? You are missing out on expert advice from our community. That’s a shameful way to do business and disrespect the public.

BOUQUET To all the kind people who stopped to help me when my car broke down and to Karen the awesome lady who drove me home. I was reminded why I love Nanaimo so much.

BEEF I was at an intersection facing a red light. An elderly couple was walking across the street using walkers. As soon as the light changed the people behind me started honking their horns even though the couple was still in the crosswalk. Please have a little compassion.

BOUQUET To Dan Marshall. His play-by-play of the Clippers games make me almost ‘see’ the game. This last one – wow. Thank you Dan. Thank you Clippers.

BEEF To the couple who dropped the 18-year-old pet with no bladder control with my 76-year-old mom on a small pension. The SPCA did not want him; the vet wants a lot of money to put him down. Maybe it would be nice to pick him up and do the right thing.

BOUQUET To Catherine Maloney and staff at the Clinic for Cats for being so kind to my son and I when we had to unexpectedly euthanize our beautiful 11-year-old cat Tiger. Thanks for the card and the paw prints.

BEEF To the beefer of the man who opened the door for a person with cerebral palsy. I don’t think it is in anyone’s interest to chastise a man for his kindness and consideration. Are these not qualities we are trying to promote in Canada?

BOUQUET To the checker at Save-On-Foods at Country Club. I bought a bag-load of stuff, then left it at the cash register and wandered off down the mall. Luckily the checker found me and gave me my goodies.

BEEF To the bumper bullies driving the big 4×4 trucks up the Nanaimo Parkway. Just because cars don’t want to speed excessively doesn’t mean it’s right for you to ride their bumpers dangerously close.

BOUQUET To Dan, assistant manager of Quality Foods. Thanks for the unexpected gift card. It was truly appreciated.

BEEF To the councillors claiming one of their private meetings was to discuss a fundraiser. As members of council you represent the public at all times and any meeting involving a group of councillors should have included the mayor and all councillors unless not available to attend.

BOUQUET To Wellington liquor store. You not only have a great staff, but your spills are way beyond compare.

BEEF To the beef about the privileged man who held open a door for the complainant’s daughter. What has the world come to when someone cannot even use a kindness without being thrown under the bus?

BOUQUET To the person who knitted and stuffed the little chickens that were put on the dinner trays of hospital patients on Easter Sunday. Much appreciated.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about a man holding a door open for your daughter. You wouldn’t know common courtesy if you saw it. Thank goodness for a few thoughtful gentlemen left in the world.

BOUQUET To the people who put hanging flower basket along the highway near the golf course. They so brighten up the area.

BEEF To my now ex-boss and ex-coworker for not taking my recent harassment report seriously. Instead of listening, you brushed me off with a snide, know-it-all attitude and I wasn’t given a chance to show you irrefutable evidence.

BOUQUET To all the men in Nanaimo who open the door for women of all ages, including many of us with various challenges.

BEEF To Mayor Bill McKay for spending $27,000 of taxpayers’ money in his expenses in 2015. That’s more than the mayor of Vancouver. Usual expenses are $7,000 for a city this size.

BOUQUET To John and Gail for finding and returning my stolen cellphone. Your kindness makes me have faith once again in humanity.

BOUQUET To Barb, the knowledgeable evaluator of dogs, who shares her expertise for free in support of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program.

BOUQUET To the man, who held a door open for a lady with cerebral palsy, whose mother complained. You were a gentleman. Please continue to be one. Don’t let one ungrateful person put you off.

BOUQUET To Dr. E. Jacobus Smith, orthopedic surgeon, for the outstanding work done on repairing my right torn rotator cuff. Your encouragement, kindness and caring is greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To Rob at the Longwood Thrifty Foods bakery department, who’s a very talented artist, when asked to do a special cake decorating job that is not in their catalogue. The M&M cake you created was outstanding, particularly Ms. Green.

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