Banning bikes is not the answer

Kalamalka Park bike ban suggestion an infringement on rights

Re: Banning mountain bikers From Kal Park. Sharon Lawrence, and those who would ban mountain bikers from Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park need to get over themselves.

I confess I am not a mountain biker, or a hiker. I am a citizen concerned for equal rights of access to everyone to visit this area, no matter if they choose bike or footwear.

It was set aside for everyone. Not just people of one group.

Perhaps if things are as bad as you say they are, then everyone should be banned from the park just to be equal?

It bothers me deeply to see people trying to infringe on the rights of others in the name of whatever the apparent cause of the day.

If you find the enjoyment that others are having in the park is disagreeing with you, then may I helpfully suggest the literally thousands of square kilometers of untouched wilderness that surrounds us all here in B.C. for you to hike and enjoy in perfect silence and solitude, free of the bikers you wish to oppress.

You are free to explore it any time you wish. For now at least. Until someone else decides they don’t want anyone in the backcountry either.

Which, by the way, is also happening with current government attempts to close the use of forest service roads in B.C. via legislation.

Perhaps instead of calling the MLA to attempt to encroach on the freedoms of your fellow Canadians, everyone should be contacting them to fight for everyone’s freedom and rights to have continued access to these backcountry forest service roads. It’s time better spent.


Mike Bjerstedt, Greater Vernon



Vernon Morning Star