Balance the Budget, Kill the Carbon Tax

Carbon tax is a failed policy that should be axed, while “wage creep” at the municipal level needs to be addressed


The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today presented its 2013-14 budget recommendations, titled Blueprint for a Balanced Budget, to the B.C. government’s Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

The 28-page document, available at:

makes 14 recommendations to help the B.C. government keep its promise to balance B.C.’s books next year.

“Balancing the budget is vitally important,” said Jordan Bateman, B.C. Director of the CTF. “To ensure B.C.’s long-term economic viability, we have to quit living on borrowed money year after year. Balancing our books this year would give us an advantage over provinces and states competing with us for investment and jobs.”

CTF recommendations include:

Killing the carbon tax and Pacific Carbon Trust;

Negotiating a better deal on Equalization;

Reducing the power Crown corporations hold over possible competitors; and

Launching a health care core services review.

“Our plan can be boiled down to two simple statements: don’t spend more of our money and scrutinize every expenditure carefully—even the usual sacred cows like health care,” said Bateman. “Failed policies like the carbon tax and Pacific Carbon Trust have done nothing but raise the cost of every good and service in this province.”

Another area of concern is wage creep, which the government’s net zero bargaining philosophy has slowed at the provincial level, but which is continuing unabated municipally. The CTF recommends both a Compensation Equity Act, which would tie government salaries to private sector comparables, and including local governments in provincial bargaining mandates.

“Net zero saved B.C. taxpayers $3 billion, but city halls failed to follow the province’s example and kept increasing their pay scales—and property taxes,” said Bateman. “The provincial government should consider including local government in their bargaining mandates, as generous city hall settlements ratchet up pressure on senior governments to match.”

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