Asking question and seeking answers is wise


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I’m writing this in response to the letter from Jan. 27 issue of Lakes District News, “Bring yourself to do something bigger than yourself.” I first want to respond to the comment, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not to their own facts. If my letter in Jan. 20 issue of Lakes District News was correctly read you would see that I was encouraging people to check out the facts from other sources before they make their minds up on whether the COVID-19 vaccine is safe or not. I am not the only one with this opinion as a quick search on the internet will show that there are people in various medical fields who have expressed concerns about it. Whether you agree with their assessment or not is not the issue, the fact is that one can find a number of reputable people expressing this same concern on various websites.

In your letter you have expressed your opinion as your own facts, which is the very same thing I did. Other countries are looking at different alternatives in treating this virus, but there seems to be a push for the vaccination. I simply ask, why?

Isn’t asking questions and seeking answers a wise way to determine the facts of anything in life? I would encourage people to look at the evidence both for and against treatments to make up your own mind. Don’t just listen to one side’s opinions but get the facts from both sides of the question.

To your closing statement to me, “I feel sorry for you if you can’t bring yourself to do something bigger than yourself”, I wonder why you would try to shame me just because I have a different opinion than you?

Wanda Wiebe

Burns Lake Lakes District News