Another Remembrance

Poem reflects on Remembrance Day

This special day is sad for me, I cannot reflect on a family tree. Words “lest we forget” were meant for thee, the words are branded into me.

Newcomers to the world that don’t understand this day, listen carefully to what the veterans say. Remember this as you pray, without giving there would be no today.

Hopefully war stays out of sight, along with eerie sounds of machines that smite. Not long ago the worldly wheel was spinning, talk of war with no one winning.

The sounds of a gone-by era were gathering speed, free countries pulled together in a time of need. This war will be different from ones gone by; nuclear bombs guided by satellites beyond the sky.

In the end with all this power, God will judge and man will cower. Through the storms and winds of time, Mother Nature will get rid of slime.

Tom Isherwood





Penticton Western News