Ambulance ride

Resident raises concerns about the paramedic service in the region

Recently, I tripped and fell flat on my face in a parking lot. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to save myself and so I banged my forehead and face, cracked my knuckles on my hand, cracked a rib, blackened both eyes and had a lot of bruising.

I am an elderly person and was helped by store staff and my friend. They decided to call the ambulance as I was pretty shaken up.

Thirty minutes later, the ambulance from Vernon arrived. The attendant checked me over and then said, “When the ambulance and the paramedics get called out like this, you are taking up the time from someone who really needs it.”

My mouth fell open as I thought he was suggesting I get out and go home.

Then he said, “We’ll take you into emergency.”

After a few hours, X-rays and a cast on my hand, my friend drove in and took me to her house for a few days.

We seniors are told that if anyone falls, we are to call the paramedics. Has this rule changed?

This was my first experience with the ambulance service and I sincerely hope it will be my last.

I. Maber



Vernon Morning Star