All on the ‘dole’ need to stop being greedy, irresponsible

Editor, The News:

Re: HST rejected by B.C. voters (

Congratulations to Bill Vander Zalm for his instigation and leadership in bringing about a decision by voters that they do not want more taxes.

I would suggest that he has shown, maybe unconsciously, that it is time to start cutting back so we don’t fall into the same trap as many countries – more money promised than we have in the bank now, or will have in the future.

I would like to see his group now go after further tax cuts so that MLAs, premiers, and all public employees have to look seriously at their salaries, benefits and pensions.

All peoples on the ‘dole’ need to stop being greedy and irresponsible.

Is the provincial government making cuts to programs, such as group homes, so that the payroll column stays intact?

Expenses just keep going up, and taxpayers are the only ones pay for those growing costs. I’m tired of it all. Stop the outrageous spending.

And it can start with the teachers.

Lorne Riding

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge News