Aldergrove was promised an indoor pool

Editor: I agree with Bryn and Lynn Jones that this is not funny  (Letters, The Times, July 10).

We have been promised a decent indoor pool for years, and those of us who are keen swimmers year-round have been waiting in anticipation for this to happen.

An outdoor pool will be virtually dormant for about eight months of the year because the climate in the Fraser Valley is not like California. We can’t wait for the climate change to address that situation.

Swimming and indoor pool activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages and the health benefits are well known.

If you want to see how popular and well used a good indoor pool can be go and visit the Walnut Grove Recreation Centre.

I live in South Langley, on the Aldergrove border, and I urge the planners to change this foolhardy compromise and give Aldergrove something to be proud of for a change. A promise is a promise. It is certainly long overdue.

Bernard Major


Langley Times