Airport key to growth

Resident supports the extension of the runway at the airport

While it is true that most residents of Vernon will never use the airport, the same can be said of any airport in any city.

Not everyone goes travelling or flying.  Nevertheless, there is probably no one in Vernon, or any other city, that does not benefit by the presence of an airport. In fact, the very life blood of any community is defined by the various means of access to that community by roads, rail and airports.

As for Vernon, our roads are presently full at times. Our rail communication is all but dead, but our airport is alive and vital.

In fact, it is the main means of communication to the outside world for Vernon’s No. 1, world-class industry, Kal Tire.

An expansion of the runway will enable Kal Tire to continue to prosper and grow. I shudder to think what would happen to Vernon if some outside force should decide to buy up this industry, and then move its headquarters to a city that provides better airport facilities.

While an addition to the length of the runway would certainly mean an inconvenience to some, notably those with homes along Kin Beach, the overall advantage to everyone else would be immeasurable.

Having an airport with an approach and exit over a lake is in itself a huge safety factor.

Gregory A. Milne



Vernon Morning Star