Agreements on ceasefire

Creston letter writer on recent talks in Geneva between Russia and US.

To the Editor:

The recent talks held in Geneva September 8th and 9th, between Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and the U.S. secretary of state John Kerry resulted in agreements on the projected ceasefire in Syria. What all was actually agreed on the U.S. refuses to disclose, so the United Nations could not ratify the agreements. But thanks to Russian government the entire text of the agreements is now available at That the UN would not properly deal with this is to be expected, its functions are rigged, and its primary obligations are to the Anglo-American-Zionist empire and its hangers-on.

While this conundrum is being variously played out at the UN, and while Syrian government forces were abiding by the ceasefire agreed on in Geneva, the American coalition perpetrated one more major crime against Syria. They bombed a Syrian army unit in eastern Syria who were surrounded by ISIS terrorists. Over sixty Syrian soldiers were killed and over one hundred were wounded. By this action the US and friends have once more discredited themselves.

The American explanation was that they intended to bomb terrorists but by mistake targeted the government forces. This explanation is totally irrational. The U.S. has in the area spying equipment that showed them exactly who was where and at what time. This bombing of Syrian troops by Americans and their friends was planned—no doubt about it. The UK, Denmark and Australia admitted to have taken part in this criminal activity.

The fake U.S. anti-terrorist activities in Syria had, according to its coalition’s Intelligence Operations Room right inside Syria, operated by some thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari intelligence officials. “What is significant is that the Operations Room situated in the terrorist held territory in the Aleppo region is manned by the main state sponsors of ISIS terrorists and Al Qaeda inside Syria… The respective roles of the four regional countries [Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar] relating to recruitment, training, logistics and the financing of terrorism have been amply documented.”

The intellectual confusion, and the general chaos created by the enemies of Syria is nothing new. American anti-terrorist coalition is all built on lies and deceptions; it was U.S. who from the outset organized, armed, trained and financed the head-chopping monsters and now it is playing a game as if ISIS were enemies of America. U.S. aim in Syria is exactly the same as it was in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other sovereign countries, namely, with the help of variously named hired terrorists they destroyed the victim country’s national assets, such as power plants, hospitals, schools, bridges, water purification plants, architectural and archaeological treasures, steal their natural resources, kill and maim as many people as possible, and install a puppet government. This image of Syria is already mostly fulfilled, but not quite.

With all this in mind, it is clear that Americans had no intention of abiding by the agreements they had just signed in Geneva. They used the latest ceasefire as they used the earlier ones, that is, to regroup and resupply their assorted terrorists. Does this mean that the U.S. can just ignore the feelings and opinions of the rest of the world simply because it is the only super-power on the planet at this time? Maybe for now, but not in the long-run.

Anton Skerbinc



Creston Valley Advance

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