Ability to choose

Resident raises concerns about genetically modified organisms

Many letters to the editor have gone back and forth on the topic of GMO crops.

Aside from the questions of food safety, one major issue is the way that Canadian trade agreements or laws allow local farmers to be sued when a GMO crop migrates into their fields.

I personally believe that patents on life forms should not be allowed. Canadians can only combat this by voicing their concerns to government authorities, and not purchasing products that are made in a way we don’t ethically agree with. By not labelling GMO foods as such, the government cripples our ability to choose.

Even more troubling to me is the possible use of the terminator gene before we even know its out there.

Accidents happen and researchers cannot claim to foresee all possible futures.

Will corporations have to notify the public?

If this trait found a way to spread to other plant species in partially effective amounts, we could see a future where the ability of numerous plants to propagate on their own is harmed.

It’s not for certain by any means but do we trust shareholder-driven companies to make the decision for all of us?


L. Tara Sipika



Vernon Morning Star