A response

A resident provides their thoughts on inclusivity and rainbows

I have to question the explanation of Coun. Scott Anderson’s reasoning  on why he, a white heterosexual male, classic domination figure in our everyday social economic structure, would imagine he has any particular insight into the long fought battle for minorities of all kinds to gain the recognition in society that he was granted just for being a white, heterosexual, male.

Therefore, accepted anywhere, at any time, by everyone. You, sir, caught the bounce.

You automatically, without any other explanation being necessary, are good to go. When you speak, people listen, when you walk, people don’t try to avoid you, when you look for a job, your name is shortlisted, when you travel there are no problems to encounter, your children are accepted, your marriage is accepted at face value, your intentions are not questioned and your perceived ability to do a job is not impacted by your “white, male, heterosexual lifestyle.”

Clearly, that is not the case of many among us.

It is not the many among us who are causing divisiveness by asking for inclusion. It is the exclusionists among us denying inclusion of others who are being wilfully obstructionist.

It does not look well on society to continue to disenfranchise anyone who does not fit that stereotypical heterosexual, white male modality.

We are by nature a diverse people in a common space. We are all a variation on that rainbow flag somewhere. Strictly speaking, it is as inclusive to all as we can get.

A reminder that we all have equal value regardless of our birth event. People who have suffered inequality, whether women, people of colour, people of gender discrimination, people of ethnic minorities, people of First Nations, have all had to fight for what heterosexual, white males already have.

It’s time to acknowledge everyone’s right to be here without having to justify their existence to anyone. Equal opportunity to live, work and play without prejudice and discrimination.

We all love to see a rainbow in the sky. Now let it rest here on earth and spread a message of hope.

Hope for acceptance, fairness and justice for all.

We do not become less than by supporting the dignity and human rights of our fellow citizens.

I have recently travelled to several B.C. cities and the rainbow crosswalks look awesome. It’s very inspiring to know cities are recognizing the value of all people as they are, where they are and who they are.

Thank you to Caliber Sport for supporting the cause of advancing life with dignity for everyone.

Glenna Miles



Vernon Morning Star