A poem: COVID isolation

The never-ending COVID isolation is leading to despair


A poem: COVID isolation

A cold January day spent alone at home in my recliner chair;

The never-ending COVID isolation is leading to despair;

Ordered to stay home, no visits from family or friends;

Wondering how long before this solitary confinement ends;

Missing my grandchildren, human contact, activities of all sorts;

Listening to Dr. Henry’s worsening daily reports;

The winter days tick by and depression begins to set in;

Politicians repeat their mantra: ‘This is a war we must win’;

But are they following the devastating rules to which we must adhere?

Or are some still jetting off hiding their faces to conceal a sneer;

Do as I say and ignore what you saw;

Seems like they are flaunting, ‘We are above the law’;

While we have complied with all their demands;

Wear a mask, social distance and above all, wash your hands;

I’m tired of Trudeau refusing to give a straight answer about vaccine injections;

Canadians deserves facts and truth, not subterfuge and deceptions;

Yes we deserve the truth as Canadians are strong;

And it feels like for more than a year you have continued to string us along.

Darlene Davis

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen