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A note to the class of 2021

To the Editor,

To the Editor,

For some time now, I have asked myself, what would I say to the Clearwater grads of 2020/21? As an 80-year-old ex-teacher, one may say, who the hell cares?

So, I’ll just pass on a few things that have made my life better. People, not things, are much more important to me. Acts of random kindness to friends, family or complete strangers will enrich your life and help others. See a need, extend a helping hand if you can.

There is a story of a young woman, not much older than you, on her lunch break, who noticed a homeless man huddling in a doorway. She approached him and asked if he would like a coffee and a sandwich? He replied, yes.

She got her lunch and returned with a coffee and sandwich for the man. She gave him the coffee and sandwich and stayed with him until she had to get back to work. Just before she left him, he slipped a piece of paper into her hand which she put in her purse.

Later that day, she took out the piece of paper and read the words on it. It said, “I was contemplating suicide until you came along, but now I see a reason to carry on, thank you!”

The point here is that this act of random kindness by the young woman saved that man’s life. Not every act has the drama displayed here, but we can help and influence others by our actions.

Grad’s, realize that education does not stop at the schoolhouse door. Life has many lessons in its living, some of them very hard, but we can get by with a little help from out friends, as the song goes.

May you always be helpful, may you always be kind. May you always by steadfast when the storms of life unwind. May you be, in your head and heart, forever young.

Wes Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

Barriere Star Journal