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A dynamic young woman with big talent and big dreams

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Bulkley Valley.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Bulkley Valley.

I got a call from Sonja Lester a few weeks back and she recommended I get in touch with Elena to do a story on her daughter Yoana. This nice family, originally from eastern Europe made a conscious decision to settle in the Smithers area after competing with other sweet places in B.C. including Golden, Revelstoke and Invermere.

Elena is a typical mom, very passionate about her children, but there is definitely something unique about Yoana. Not only is she kind to her neighbours, helping them with their chores on a regular basis, but she also has an interesting creative side to her personality.

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Yoana has been born with a talent where she can look at anything and see something artistic in it. She had been given a jewellery kit for her 10th birthday and before you know it she was putting together necklaces with her created mini butterflies, mushrooms, ladybugs and such.

These gifts are not just for her neighbours and family, she has also made enough to sell at Heartstrings, the Out of Hand Store and Saturday morning Farmers Market. Some of the income is for materials for her hobbies.

Elena has been working as a nurse for the past 10 years and has passed on her compassion for others to her daughter. Yoana is already thinking about nursing or medical school and putting some of her hard-earned cash aside for that too.

She has been helping with the lambing at home and has her own pygmy goats that she raises and wants to sell as pets.

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Yoana has been home-schooled through her elementary years and has benefited from the two days a week time at Heartwood. This is an extra opportunity program for homeschoolers to get together and socialize through outdoor activities and science and technology studies.

Yoana had wanted to stray from the regular day’s events one week and suggested a drama class. The group liked the idea and a fun acting play was put together.

Yoana has so many dreams and ideas that it is refreshing to listen to her. She would like to try her hand at soap and candle making. She would also like to try pottery and stained glass making.

Her mother has to hold her back from doing too many things at one time. Yoana is very ambitious and is patiently looking forward to moving into their new house and getting her own room. She says she needs more space and privacy.

Yoana also has plans to set up a newsletter where she can interview her friends and neighbours and then write a book.

This young lady can give a person a feeling of hope for the future.

If you get a chance check out her work or better yet look her up at the Saturday Farmers Market by the freshly painted Central Park building, Main Street and Hwy 16.

Drop me an email tr.ranch@hotmail.com or call 250-877-1806 if you have someone you would like to profile.

Thanks, Tom.

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