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November 19, 1952 - July 31, 2023
In loving memory ~
When the sun sets and the night comes to call on us, the street lights are there to guide us along our familiar path home.
Home to our hearts
Home to our loved ones in waiting
Home to count our blessings
Regardless of whether home
is in the unseen or the seen worlds
We return home to love

When Ron took his last breath on July 31 he returned home to love.
Though he dallied in the dusk of the street lights awhile, soaking in and holding his loved ones as long as he could, he found the courage and strength to make it home to a place of peace.
He will be remembered by all those whose life he touched with his charisma and particular brand of humour.
And most of all he will be honoured by his beautiful wife, their children and grandchildren and the legacy they created together.