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March 15, 1927 - May 14, 2023
In loving memory ~
The world has lost a dynamo. Our mother, Mary Shaw, packed more energy into her 4'10" frame than 10 guys.
She raised 5 kids, helped Dad run his business (he often said he wouldn't have made it without her), and kept a beautiful home that people always felt welcome in. Additionally, she was a registered nurse, bookkeeper of some regard, gardener of immense skill, great cook and a fabulous dancer. Nobody can keep up with all that.
For an immigrant who arrived in Canada just before the Second World War to achieve all she did is remarkable, even by today's standards, let alone the way her people were treated back then.
In addition to all of the above, she was a kind, loving mother, the best there ever has been. We never appreciated all she did for us back then, but as we got older (and wiser), we sure did. We only hope we said thank you enough in her later years to make up for our ignorance when we were younger.
The sun will come up tomorrow, but it will be a touch dimmer as we struggle to come to grips with what we have lost. Our solace is that Mom is back with Dad, John and others of the family who have gone on before. What a get together that will be!
Mom leaves behind her children, Ed (Linda), Peter (Tina), Paul and Cilka (Mark), numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.
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