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March 10, 1944 - November 2, 2022
In Loving Memory ~
Margo Ayotte 78, passed away on November 2nd from cancer. Margo was born on March 10th, 1944, to parents, Andy Veen and Maria Mol in Den Haag, Holland.
She met her husband, Donald Ayotte at a dance in Belgium while he was posted overseas by the military. Don pursued her for two years before getting married in Germany and moving to London, Ontario in 1972.
In 1976, she gave birth to her daughter, Andrea Ayotte. Margo loved being posted every 4 years with the military as it was always a fresh, exciting experience to explore something new. She always wanted to end up in a place where people would go on holidays and the Comox Valley was this place for her.
She spent her days enjoying the many beaches and nature trails the valley has to offer and would never leave the house without her camera in hand. She loved dogs and enjoyed documenting them.
Margo was the best mom, a daughter could ever ask for. Words can't describe how incredible she was. She wasn't just a mom, she was my best friend.
I'm grateful for the many kind and supportive friends she has. From enjoying low-tide beach walks and photographing the sea urchins to enjoying fabulous lunch outings, she was surrounded by caring, kind women.
I would also like to thank her health champion Dr. Nancy McFadden. My mom couldn't praise her enough and she always felt like she was in good hands.
She will be deeply missed by so many, as she touched everyone with love and kindness that she spent time with.