Madison Loughridge

Ode to Madison

Expected August 11, 2007; arrived with joy April 18; departed with sorrow June 15, 2007

Madison Alan Loughridge took us all by surprise

He popped out so suddenly, why, ‘tis hard to surmise

Great Aunt Gail ‘n Great Uncle Jim cut short their cruise

We had to you see, upon hearing the good news

Hi Ho Vancouver, here we come on day Five

Saw the littlest ever Loughridge, so lusty, so alive

With a badly bruised shoulder that must be sore

But he kicks and he squirms, then he kicks some more

Such a tiny babe, just one pound and one ounce

Snug in an incubator but just full of bounce

You can’t help but feel a tug at your heart

The feisty fighter makes your eyes start to smart

There’s proud pop, Scott, bursting with pride

‘N motherly Tanya, her smile a mile wide

Wonder who Madison will most be like

Doesn’t matter at all, he’s such a cute tyke

Another peek now and look what he’s done

Kicked off his diaper and bared his bum

Then squirted a pee high over his shoulder

Ladies, best watch out when he gets older

Such a short visit but it feels really good

We’re family you see, so that’s how it should

I feel a strong bond with the sweet little guy

Each of us preemies, him more so than I

Madison stars in the family hyperspace

The hero in a computer upgrade race

Great Aunt Gail needs a mike ‘n a web cam

Just so she can jive with the happy Calgary Gran

But that’s only a short term arms-length joy

Great Aunt Gail needs to be with ‘her’ darling dear boy

So off she goes with Tanya on day Fifty

Keen to see that Madison’s still nifty ‘n spiffy

Little Man Mountain’s more than doubled in size

Doing just great in Great Aunt Gail’s eyes

So she came back and said that soon she was gonna

See the prodigious pee’er nearer home in Kelowna

But then a phone call came late one night

That’s always such a terrible fright…

Madison was felled by a bad infection

That took him from our fond affection

Some things are so pitiless, so hard to bear

Hey, Lord, did you forget? We need your care…

Please God we pray, send us much needed grace

Something to fill Madison’s big empty place

So much love, so much bonding, yet Madison is gone

Sorry, dear God, but that’s just plain wrong

I so dearly wish that it was me not you

Goodbye, Madison, Goodbye, Great Nephew

Straight from my overflowing heart, dear Madison

Much love, Great Uncle Jim XXX OOO

Vernon Morning Star

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