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Lorraine Katherine "Squeaks" (Berto) Bartkowski

October 12, 2022


August 15, 1949 - October 12, 2022
In loving memory ~
As Lorraine requested not to have a memorial service, we wanted to include a bit more than the standard write up might contain.
If you knew Lorraine, you'll agree that she was exceptional. Always with a hopeful word, and a kind gesture, our "Rainie" was a shining star.
Her beautiful wide smile, friendly personality, and snazzy shoes gained her friendships wherever she went, and she kept these for a lifetime. She saw the best of us, the talents, strengths, and worthiness we didn't know we had. Lorraine always had time and encouragement for us when we needed it. She was quick to send a card or pick up the phone; those she cared about never doubted that they were important to her. Lorraine delighted in the joy of a sunny day, a finished project done well, time spent with friends and family, her pets, and travel. She had a brilliant sense of humour, a great fashion sense, and a beautiful singing voice. Every drawer, cupboard, and closet in her home was meticulously organized, with much necessary supervision of family members to keep it that way.
Those that loved her best knew how difficult the past seventeen months were. Never one to complain, we saw her face one heartbreaking test result and complication after another. We would like to thank those that called and visited and offered help and encouragement. Lorraine was at times surprised by those that stepped forward, and those that stepped back. Through it all, she remained cheerful, delighting in the lovely new friends she made at the Chemo Clinic (both staff and patients), and was brave so that we could be brave too.
Lorraine passed peacefully on the morning of October 12, 2022, two weeks shy of her 49th wedding anniversary. She left the way she lived, with resolve, dignity, and with consideration for others.
We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following, for their kindness and the thoughtful care they provided: Dr. P. Adzick, Dr. V. Masuda, Dr. Z. Davies, and the wonderful staff at the Duncan Chemo Clinic.