Cambrie Knight and MacKenna Miller enjoy feeding one of the macropods at the Kangaroo Creek Farm. - Image Credit: Carli Berry

Cambrie Knight and MacKenna Miller enjoy feeding one of the macropods at the Kangaroo Creek Farm. - Image Credit: Carli Berry

Year in Review: Kangaroo farm to move out of Lake Country

The farm will move in 2020, according to the owner

The famous Kangaroo Creek Farm will be moving out of Lake Country in 2020 and in its place is the possibility of the affordable housing complex.

The Regional District of the Central Okanagan gave its support to the farm’s proposal to move from Lake Country to Old Vernon Road near the airport, during a regular regional district meeting in May.

Newly elected Winfield Coun. Jerremy Kozub said the kangaroo farm’s move would leave a hole in the community. He suggested that Main Street be used for breweries and cannabis stores, to entice tourists.

The proposed site on Old Vernon Road is currently undeveloped and has not been used for agricultural purposes for years, according to a report which was presented to the regional district.

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Kelowna International Airport staff has no objections to the proposal and Kelowna engineering staff has also given its support pending the driveway’s location remains opposite of Postill Drive, there’s sufficient on-site parking and there’s no off-site parking on Old Vernon Road.

The new site will allow for increased parking space, as well as room to expand as the kangaroo farm continues to grow, owner Caroline MacPherson said.

The farm will use 11 of the 55-acre property. The proposed site can also house up to 400 cars.

At the farm’s current location, about 400 people walk through the site per day during its shoulder months. During peak season, the farm experiences as many as 4,000 people per day, the report said. The updated parking spaces will allow for future growth and will accommodate larger vehicles like buses and campers.

The lease that accounts for three-quarters of the current farm’s location is also for up for sale for development, and there’s no guarantee that the parking near the A&W or the district-owned parking spots will be available in the future, MacPherson said.

A new affordable housing complex has been proposed to use part of the farm’s old location. If all the steps are approved by council and the project receives funds in the new year, up to 200 units will be built on Jensen and Hill Roads.
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