Windsor Park water bowls tainted

Contracted painter offers apology and to pay vet bill

A social media post blew up overnight Wednesday after someone posted a photo and a warning about dog bowls in Windsor Park.

A photo of the dog bowl at the base of the water fountain showed white water. The description of the image said “we want to prevent other dogs from ingesting anything toxic” at the popular off-leash dog park.

“It was brought to my attention through social media that the owner was upset,” said Chris Hyde-Lay, manager of parks services.

“One of the painters on site washed the back of his hand in the fountain, that went down the fountain drain and into the dog bowl where a dog had a drink and was taken to the vet.”

The next morning (Oct. 22) Hyde-Lay met with the company, contracted by the municipality to paint Windsor Park Pavilion. The contractor acknowledged that a staff member had washed paint into the fountain and offered an apology to the dog owner and to pay the vet bill, Hyde-Lay said.

“As far as we’re concerned it is a done deal.”

Due to the anonymous nature of the online image, Oak Bay News could not contact the pet owner for comment.


Painting was to finish Thursday on the pavilion.



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