WildSafeBC asks pet owners to be vigilant after coyotes spotted in Castlegar

The coyotes were recently spotted behind the city's recreation complex

  • Jun. 16, 2020 12:00 a.m.

WildSafeBC is warning pet owners to be vigilant after a small pack of coyotes was recently spotted in Castlegar.

According to a social media post, one of the last sightings was behind the Castlegar and District Recreation Complex.

If you live near the complex, you’re asked not leave small pets alone outside for long periods of time and to clean up any food after you feed them outside.

WildSafeBC said you should be extra attentive of your pets at night, which is when coyotes are most active.

If you do see a coyote, you should make yourself appear large, maintain eye contact, speak in a low voice while waving your arms and to walk backwards towards other people, your home or your vehicle.

You can report all wildlife conflicts to the British Columbia conservation officer service line at 1-877-952-7277.

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