White Rock updates, adds to fees

White Rock updates, adds to fees

Proposed changes made to city's Fees and Charges Bylaw earlier this month approved

The City of White Rock has updated – and added to – fees charged for city-run facilities and services.

Director of Financial Services Sandra Kurylo presented a report to council  detailing proposed changes to the city’s Fees and Charges Bylaw Feb. 16, which Council voted in favour of a week later.

“The city’s Fees and Charges Bylaw is kind of a catchall bylaw that includes all user fees and charges that aren’t included in any other bylaw the city has,” Kurylo said. “It’s standard practice to update this bylaw at the beginning of each year, as close to the beginning of the year as possible, to reflect any inflationary increases that may be required to certain fees, as well as any adjustments to insure that the city has recovered the full cost of providing the related services.”

While many of the other adjusted fees include a small increase, new fees have been introduced, including underground-oil storage removal documentation ($200), servicing agreement application ($1,500) and extension ($300) fees and a latecomer agreement application fee ($1,500).

For Centennial Park Leisure Centre, a dry-floor rental fee will be in place April to August starting at $60 for adult lacrosse, ball hockey, roller hockey and minor lacrosse, going  up to $850 for an eight-hour rental for a dance or major event.

For advertisers, there will be a $330 installation fee for a banner in uptown White Rock, or $260 for one at White Rock pier.

Kurylo noted that the bylaw amendment was compared to ensure they were in line with other municipalities.

“I think most particularly these fees should be recovering the costs that White Rock incurs but for the most part yes, comparisons have been made,” she said.


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