White Rock Pier on Saturday (Oct. 3) evening. (Aaron Hinks photo)

White Rock Pier on Saturday (Oct. 3) evening. (Aaron Hinks photo)

White Rock Pier lights toned down

Resident says he's happy to see an end to the nightly lightshow

A resident who took issue with the “tacky” lights on White Rock’s pier said he’s happy the city toned it down.

Buena Vista Avenue resident Len Doray contacted Peace Arch News last month and criticized the alternating colourful lights on the pier’s arches.

Every evening, Doray said, the lights changed from “multi-coloured haphazard flashing displays to extremely bright cool white arches better suited to an airport hangar than an oceanfront pier.”

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Shortly after PAN published an article about his concern, the lights changed to a constant white with a green tinge, Doray said.

“First of all, there’s no more flashing lightshows, so that’s the main thing,” Doray said last week. “So basically, you have one constant colour lighting display. The only thing I don’t understand is that they seem to be toned down both in intensity and obviously the number of colours, but there seems to be a green tinge to the arches.”

Coun. David Chesney said he wasn’t aware the lights were changing colours on a regular basis, but went down to the waterfront to take a look.

“Subsequently, I talked to staff and said I don’t know if we really need to have the shading, pulsing lights,” Chesney said.

Chesney said he supports changing the lights for special events and occasions, as does Doray, but believes there should be some guidelines set in place. He said he may bring forward a motion to council to set those protocols.

“The easiest thing I can see is to have it mirror what we do with the flag outside city hall so we’re not constantly changing them every time some Boy Scout’s group has a bottle drive,” Chesney said.

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