White Rock's bylaw amendment was passed by council.

White Rock's bylaw amendment was passed by council.

White Rock amends sign bylaw

Council voted to update bylaw affecting construction signs, addresses and places of worship

White Rock council has voted unanimously to update the city’s sign bylaws.

The amendment, first introduced by senior building official Richard Wilson at a Jan. 19 council meeting and approved last week, provides clarification on civic addressing, makes minor changes to construction-project signage and includes places of worship in the changeable copy area of the bylaw.

Prior to the amendment, the changeable copy signage bylaw applied mainly to theatres, recreation centres, community establishments and schools.

Under the amendment, changeable copy can now be used by places of worship – including White Rock’s First United Church, which has had a sign in place for decades.

Other changes include that buildings in the city must display civic addresses clearly visible from the street in order to ensure a quick response from fire or emergency services, as well as for ease of guests and deliveries, and changes to construction projects, which were previously limited to one free-standing sign on each road frontage, with a maximum area of 32-square-feet.

With the updated bylaw, projects can now have promotional material on the fencing that surrounds the site while under construction.



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