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What’s in a brand? Sparwood logo turns 10

The five-point star and branding has adorned the district's properties since 2011

  • Jan. 26, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The District of Sparwood’s distinctive branding celebrated it’s tenth birthday last week, although there might not be too many people joining in the celebrations.

Mayor David Wilks (who was also mayor in 2011), said the town had changed a lot since the five-point star logo and branding was adopted.

At the time, the district’s marketing angle was all about attracting workers to the town, with the district’s own release on the logo saying it was all about employment with the barest of nods to tourism and recreation.

“Even in the last ten years things have changed – we’ve got a really vibrant biking community now, a hiking community – we’ve changed a lot from the perspective of outdoor activities, so maybe next time we focus on that a little more,” said Wilks, who added that coal mining was still a huge part of the community. “Its here, its why we’re here.”

Wilks explained that the five-point star was meant to represent the five communities that came together to form Sparwood, and the logo being black and white was a nod to coal and to the long winters of the region, but it was never particularly well-received.

“For most people that’s not even a good explanation,” he said.

“It might be time to look at it again – who knows?” he said, adding that change was always tough no matter the locality.

“I don’t think it would matter what community, what time, when we do it again – we wont get it right that time either, its the way it is.

“We tried our best, and we will probably go down that road again sooner than later.”

At the time, The Free Press asked readers whether they liked the newly-adopted logo or not. Opinions weren’t kind, with 64 per cent giving the star a thumbs down.

Wilks said that in the time since, it appeared opinions hadn’t softened. “I think people put up with it.”

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