16 board members and their 10 alternates were paid a total of $495,744.36 in 2019. (Priyanka Ketkar photo/Lakes District News)

What did the RDBN directors get paid in 2019?

The regional district's 2019 Schedule of Employee Remuneration and Expenses is out

  • Dec. 2, 2020 12:00 a.m.

For the 2019 schedule of remuneration and expenses for directors, 16 board members and their 10 alternates were paid a total of $495,744.36, of which $107,719.78 was the total expenses for all the 26 members.

Three board members received a total compensation over $50,000. Chairperson Gerry Thiessen received a total of $55,035.91 that included expenses amounting to $13,737.91. Tom Greenaway received a total of $53,105.36 including a remuneration of $37,645 and expenses amounting to $15,460.36. Rob Newell received $52,595.59 that included expenses of $19,004.59.

Mark Fisher earned a total of $47,855, followed by Mark Parker at $46,036.81, Jerry Petersen at $43,892.73 and Clint Lambert for a total compensation of $40,905.60.

Director Michael Riis-Christianson received $27,690.42 in total remuneration, of which $1,149.42 was towards expenses. Former board member Kimberly Watt-Senner received a total of $18,023.17 including expenses totalling up to $2,053.17 while Houston’s Mayor Shane Brienen received a total of $18,580.92 including expenses of $3,088.92. Granisle Mayor and board member Linda McGuire earned a total of $17,373.68 including expenses of $2,305.68.

Former Board member and now MP Taylor Bachrach received $13,794.25 with $2,291.71 in expenses in 2019.

Burns Lake Mayor Dolores Funk received $16,149 in remuneration and Gladys Atrill received $4,939 in remuneration; the only two board members who had no additional expenses.

Alternate board members Scott Zayac, Frank Wray, Roy Spooner, Andrea Newell, Dwayne Lindstrom, Craig Lepoidevin, Cynthia Lauze, Bob Hughes, Darrell Hill and Doug Bysouth also received a compensation totalling $6,619.18.

According to the schedule of expenses, while $449,119 was set aside towards directors’ remuneration, only $421,624 was utilized. Similarly, while $155,362 was budgeted towards the Directors’ travel and expenses, only $107,236 was spent.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist


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