Water closes areas in City Park

This includes the pathway along Hot Sands Beach and the tunnel beneath William R. Bennett Bridge

  • Jun. 6, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Several areas in and around City Park are now closed due to high water levels. This includes the pathway along Hot Sands Beach and the tunnel access beneath the William R. Bennett Bridge linking City Park to the beach access at Lake Avenue, which is also closed due to flooding.

Pedestrians and cyclists are asked to use the paved pathway located on the south side of Highway 97 from the bridge to Abbott Street, or any other road or pathway further inland to steer clear of flood waters. Directional signage has been posted in the area to assist pedestrians and cyclists. The area will reopen once water volumes and flood levels subside.

Sections of the interior roads and parking lots at City Park are also closed due to ground water. As well, lighting along the promenade at City Park will be temporarily switched off until flooding subsides. For this reason, City Park will have reduced hours until further notice and the park will now close at dusk rather than 11 p.m.

City Park Waterpark also remains closed due to flooding, hours have been extended at Ben Lee Waterpark to accommodate extra visitors. Waterpark schedules can be found here.

During these temporary closures, residents and visitors are encouraged to explore new parks and green spaces in the city. With over 200 parks in Kelowna, use the parks and beaches map to search for spaces with specific amenities like playgrounds, sportsfields and trails.

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