B.C. safety authorities have issued a warning about potentially unsafe gas works installations in northwestern B.C.

B.C. safety authorities have issued a warning about potentially unsafe gas works installations in northwestern B.C.

Warning issued about potentially dangerous gas work

Masoud Bahraini worked in northwestern B.C. for past two years

  • Mar. 10, 2017 8:00 a.m.

AN individual performing unpermitted gas work on furnaces and hot water tanks in the region resulting in potentially unsafe conditions has so far had three compliance orders issued against him, says the agency charged with ensuring work is done correctly.

Masoud Bahrami, who has done work in the region in the past two years, has also been fined $7,500 for failure to comply with those orders issued by the B.C. Safety Authority.

But Bahrami “has not responded to any of these enforcement actions,” indicates information provided by the authority.

Bahrami’s work is such that the safety authority is now asking anyone who has hired him to contact it.

“We are asking the public to immediately contact us if you are aware of any work on gas appliances performed by “Best Heating,” “Mercury Mechanical” or “Masoud Bahrami,” says Brad Wyatt, the authority’s provincial gas safety manager.

“Improper work on gas appliances can result in risks such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. BCSA needs to be aware of any non-compliant or unsafe conditions that may have been created so we can assess these risks.”

Bahrami does not possess a valid gas contractor’s licence and is not certified to perform any work related to gas appliances or equipment that is regulated by the safety authority.

The authority is aware of at least six unpermitted work installations performed by Bahrami in the region with a first being discovered in 2015.

“Recently, [the authority] has discovered unsafe conditions which prompted the issuance of the public notice,” it states.

The three compliance orders then followed and the $7,500 penalty then assessed.

The authority encourages home and business owners to only hire licensed and qualified contractors to perform regulated gas or electrical work.

It also says people should interview the people they wish to hire and to always ask them to show valid permits for the work they are performing.

One inspection, resulting in a compliance order being issued, involved the installation of two gas furnaces and piping in a new home.

The authority can be reached at 1-866-566-7233 (press 7) or email contact@safetyauthority.ca.






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