Warm weather opens window of opportunity for criminals

Police advise residents to keep windows closed or ‘pinned’ while sleeping or away from home

Warm weather opens window of opportunity for criminals

Langley RCMP are asking people to close a window of opportunity during the ongoing heat wave.

Recent hot weather has many people opening their windows to try and cool down. But police warn that thieves are waiting for this opportunity.

Unfortunately, an open window can be an invitation for intruders, said Langley RCMP.

If you plan to leave an accessible window open overnight or when you’re not at home, police ask that you consider pinning your window for security.

One option is to drill a hole through both frames and insert a double-headed nail.

Drilling a series of holes allows the window to be fixed in a number of open positions. It is important not to make the opening so large that a criminal could squeeze through or reach in and remove the nail.

Another concern is the safety of young children.

Each year, the public hears stories of toddlers falling out of a second or third storey windows to the ground below. These falls can have devastating consequences.

Police remind people not to trust that the screen will act as a safety gate when young children have access to low window ledges in a home.

If a window is pinned so it will only open wide enough for air flow, then it will not be wide enough for a child to climb through.

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