Village of Nakusp hires Alberta company to de-sludge lagoons

Highlights from the May 23 village council meeting

The lagoons at the wastewater treatment plant need to be de-sludged. A tender was issued and a site meeting was held with those companies interested in the job.

Lake Shore Restoration, based out of Red Deer, has been awarded the contract. This company has done work in the province before, de-sludging the lagoons at the Vernon wastewater treatment plant with glowing references.

Because the work that needs to be done is very specialized there aren’t very many companies within the province who would be able to offer an affordable price for their services.

Village of Nakusp

sees increase in taxes

There was an increase of $39,000 in taxes. School and police taxes have gone down, and the BCAA requisition went down, everything else went up. This means a 2.6 per cent overall increase in taxes on residential properties.

Laurie Taylor, chief administrative officer for the village of Nakusp reminded councillors and audience members that the village only receives 45 cents for every tax dollar on tax notices.

Nine hundred and thirty-six tax notices have been mailed out. Of that number, 31 have delinquent and arrears taxes owing in addition to current taxes, and 56 have arrears taxes owing in addition to current taxes.

Village of Nakusp suffering from staffing shortages

Both public works and the administration office are struggling with shortages in staff.

Among the shortages include one staff member of Parks and Recreation is off on WCB with a return date that has yet to be determined, while the public works administrative assistant is on 15 hours per week, putting additional stress on the public works department.

Pat Farish, supervisor at the Nakusp Hot Springs, will be retiring in June. Farish has worked for the Village of Nakusp for 12 years

Proposed expansion

of North Road services

A petition was circulated in early 2017 asking the village to borrow a maximum $210,000 to install water and sewer to a specified area. Over 75 per cent of property owners signed the petition in favour of the project. On April 26 a large portion of the private driveway that was going to house the infrastructure was sloughed away. This has necessitated the road be constructed at a new location about 70-80 feet farther into the bank. The project is on hold until the relocation has been completed.

Because the angles of the slopes have changed, a re-engineering of the sewer system will be required and there will be an amended materials list to accommodate the changes. As a result the cost of the project might change, which could require a new petition.

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