Village defends itself in crop damage complaint

Lumby officials insist they are not responsible for destroying a farmer’s crop.

Lumby officials insist they are not responsible for destroying a farmer’s crop.

It has been suggested that water from the village’s water utility flooded an alfalfa field on Schwartz Road last winter.

“There has been no pipe break,” said Coun. Lori Mindnich after receiving a report from staff.

“The village does not have the capability to release water on to her field. There has been no pipe broken because the ground is drier than dry.”

In a letter to council, Solange Harrison says her alfalfa crop is dead and she challenges comments from village staff that there was high ground water.

“Ground water or rain does not fill alfalfa. There is a chemical in the water from the pump house that does kill alfalfa,” she said.

“The damage is quite extensive. It covers a good five acres. I need to be financially reimbursed for the damage — $500 an acre as I get three crops and it all has to be plowed and reseeded in the spring.”

Community plan moves ahead

The Village of Lumby is looking to the future.

Work is currently underway on a new official community plan, which determines land uses.

“Everyone in their water bill should have received a community survey to fill out,” said Coun. Lori Mindnich.

“They can get their point across about how Lumby should be growing or not growing.”

The next steps in the OCP process include raising public awareness about an online survey and pursuing opportunities for seniors and youth feedback.

All of the input will then be analyzed and a population and housing forecast will be prepared.

A report to council is expected Aug. 11.


Vernon Morning Star