Bill Metcalfe and Tyler Harper, back from the runway at the Met Gala, are here with all the news you didn’t know you needed but you really do, we think.

VIDEO: Wednesday Roundup

Bill Metcalfe and Tyler Harper talk about the news so you don't have to

  • Sep. 15, 2021 12:00 a.m.

This week Bill and Tyler drop some exclusives, because it’s easier to talk about news than it is to write it.

Bill gives his impressions of who did well, and who did not, at last week’s climate change debate for Kootenay-Columbia candidates. He also talks about wildfire mitigation work going on in West Arm Provincial Park.

Tyler gets a little giddy about the annual crime data made available by Statistics Canada, then has some sad news about one of Nelson’s oldest volunteer groups.

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