VIDEO: Premier accepts billionaire’s apology for naked kite-surfing joke

Christy Clark reacts to Twitter controversy over invitation from Richard Branson

  • Dec. 31, 1969 6:00 a.m.
VIDEO: Premier accepts billionaire's apology for naked kite-surfing joke

Warning: Video contains nudity

The billionaire owner of Virgin Airways is off the hook for his racy joke about taking Premier Christy Clark kite-surfing – in the buff.

Richard Branson apologized for the tweet he sent Monday, saying it was a joke and he did not mean to cause any offence.

The original Twitter message cautioned Clark she’d have to follow his dress code and then linked to a photo showing a kite-surfing Branson with a nude model clinging to him.

Clark responded when questioned about the incident in Surrey on Friday morning, saying she didn’t think the joke was respectful or appropriate, but that she accepts his apology.

“I think he meant it light-heartedly,” she said.

Branson was in Vancouver last week to launch a new connection for his airline.

Many observers on Twitter thought Clark gave as good as she got when the premier said this week that if that was Branson’s best pick-up line it may explain why his company is called Virgin Group.

Others concluded Branson masterfully exploited the situation to get exposure in the B.C. market.

See video above for Branson’s tweets, the infamous photo and Clark’s response.

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