VIDEO: Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates in the hotseat

VIDEO: Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates in the hotseat

Youth questions highlight of all-candidates meeting

Housing, education and environmental concerns all made the debate Thursday as Monterey Middle School hosted healthy debate in the Dave Dunnet Community Theatre at Oak Bay High.

Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates – Alex Dutton (Liberal), Bryce Casavant (NDP) and Andrew Weaver (Green) remained respectful as requested by moderator and Monterey principal Ken Andrews.

Student questions, two from the middle school and two from the high school kicked off the debate.

See two videos below of two of those questions being answered.

The first was on single-use plastics, posed by a Monterey student that was among those studying nurdles those tiny plastic pellets washing ashore on our beaches.

The second, posed by an Oak Bay High student, related to housing.

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