Sue Moen will be running as the Green Party’s candidate for the North Island in the 2020 provincial election. Photo by Marc Kitteringham, Campbell River Mirror

Sue Moen will be running as the Green Party’s candidate for the North Island in the 2020 provincial election. Photo by Marc Kitteringham, Campbell River Mirror

UPDATE: North Island Green Party nomination still to be determined

Moen says all issues should be viewed through environmental lens

  • Sep. 28, 2020 12:00 a.m.

It appears that the nomination situation with the BC Green Party in the North Island is not so clear.

On Saturday, long-time Green Party candidate Sue Moen said she was stepping up to the plate again this year as the party’s North Island MLA candidate.

“I have been involved with the Green Party at both [federal and provincial] levels for over ten years,” Moen said at an anti-fish farm protest in Campbell River Sept. 26. “In a snap election, they were looking for people with some experience who could hit the ground running.”

The Green Party has plans to run candidates in each riding in the province this year, however, as they were just coming off a leadership race they don’t have candidates in place. Moen said she was invited by the party to run in the North Island riding.

“I’m proud to be a Green candidate, and I have always been proud to be a Green candidate,” she said. “I do believe that the message and our platforms, which are always fully costed, have pushed other parties and governments to do better. I think the minority parliament situation that we were in for the last 3.5 years proved that by working together and collaborating we can actually accomplish a lot more. That’s my goal for this election. I want to elect more Greens so that we can move forward faster and better.”

But now it appears that she is not the Green Party candidate. In a Facebook comment posted to the first version of this story published on Saturday, Moen said, “I want to clarify that I stepped forward and applied as a candidate. At the time of this interview I had not been confirmed. I have since learned that my application was unsuccessful and the Party will make an announcement shortly on the successful candidate. I will do everything I can to see the North Island elect a Green MLA.”

On the Facebook Group, “Malcolm Island Post whatever you want,” controversial anti-fish farm campaigner Alexandra Morton announced on Sunday that “I am seeking nomination to run for MLA for North Island as a Green Candidate. I need 175 signatures by 1st ferry on Wednesday. I will be at the Li’l Wild Gift Shop at the new dock from 12-2:30. You can sign, or give me an earful! I depend on Sointulians to tell me what you think. See ya!”

The BC Greens’ Press Secretary Maeve Maguire was not aware of the situation in the North Island constituency and told the Mirror that “nominations are forthcoming.”

The NDP’s incumbent MLA Claire Trevena announced that she was not seeking re-election this fall. Both the NDP and the Liberal party have announced candidates for the riding, Michele Babchuk and Norm Facey, respectively.

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