Attendees enjoy the United Church Women’s 70th annual Bean Supper in Ashcroft on March 14.

Attendees enjoy the United Church Women’s 70th annual Bean Supper in Ashcroft on March 14.

United in Spirit

The United Church Women report that the 70th annual Bean Supper was a great success.

Phyllis Gray

Seven members attended our United Church Women’s meeting at 2:00pm on April 5 at Zion United Church hall. President Reta Robertson warmly welcomed each of us, and thanked us for giving of our time. We repeated the UCW Purpose together.

Phyllis Gray led the Devotional, titled “Wings of Faith” from Betty Radford Turcott’s Beside Still Waters. We need to trust and have faith even in times of trouble. The Lord is always there for us. The Scripture reading was Isaiah 40: 27–31. We closed with a prayer.

We evaluated the 70th annual Bean Supper and were pleased with the attendance. We are grateful for, and very appreciative of, those who helped provide food, sell tickets, serve food, and work in the kitchen. We know we could not possibly hold this event without the help of all those who supported us, and came and enjoyed the food and fellowship. Many thanks go out to all of you.

The UCW will be leading the worship on April 24, so parts and reading assignments were given out.

We received news updates and thank yous from Missionary Carmen Salacsacan in the Philippines about her work; the spring newsletter from the First United Church Community Ministry Society; and great news from the Presbytery about the generous givings from each UCW member across the country to help support all UCW members with their work in 2015.

Reports were next, and Treasurer Shirley Dobson handed out her written report, which was accepted. Sunshine Lady Dorothy Pears read her report about the cards she sent out in March. Phyllis Gray (Publicity) gave her report orally. Reta Robertson reported on the archives for Hilda Drinkwater, and Colleen Mierau passed around the pictures of the Bean Supper event taken by Frank Mierau, which will be posted on our archives board.

Reta also reported on “Outreach”, noting that she received 74 Campbell labels and some used stamps. These items are sent off to help with Christian work elsewhere. Thank you to those who save these for us.

The United Church will be hosting “Soup’s On” in the United Church Hall on Friday, April 15 from 11:0am to 1:00pm, because of the Art Show taking place at the Anglican Church hall at that time.

We paused for refreshments and fellowship.

Our next meeting will be on May 3 at 2:00pm, and we welcome anyone who would like to come as a visitor or to join us. We closed with a special Blessing, which we read together.

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