TV show seeks culture-based stories told by Haida children

Production company looking for First Nations children to share their culturally-related stories on a new children’s show.

Apartment 11 Productions is looking for First Nations children between the ages of eight and 12 to share their stories on a new children’s show. The program has not yet been green lit, but producers have high hopes it will take off in the new year.

The stories sought will relate to anything children find important about their culture they would like the rest of the country to know about.

Interested families are asked to submit their stories in the form of a quick video. If a video can not be made a letter or email can be sent to producers.

The production company will then review submissions and contact the finalists. The children who are chosen to be on the show will then have a production crew come and film them telling their story. “They would tell us their story and then we would make the video,” says Ramelle Mair, a researcher for Apartment 11 Productions.

The idea of this show is to “put the microphone in the children’s hands,” she added.

The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31.

Parents interested in this opportunity are welcome to email Ms. Mair with any questions.

“I am happy to talk to parents,” she said. Ms. Mair told the Observer that all submissions or questions can be directed to her email.

Apartment 11 productions produce various child-themed shows for several broadcasters in Canada. It is not known at this time which broadcaster will be airing this new program.


Haida Gwaii Observer