The trial of Alexander Vittel Boucher who was charged with attempted murder and other offences was set to begin on Aug. 30, 2021 in BC Supreme Court in Kamloops when the charges were stayed. (RCMP photo)

Trial abandoned for man charged with attempted murder in Shuswap stabbing

Victim, a main witness in the BC Supreme Court trial, fails to show up so charges stayed

  • Sep. 8, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The same day that a trial for attempted murder and other charges was about to start in BC Supreme Court in Kamloops, the man accused of the offences was set free.

Alexander Vittel Boucher, 37, of Enderby, was charged with attempted murder, robbery and assault in connection with the Aug. 16, 2020 stabbing of a man in the South Shuswap.

At that time, RCMP had issued a news release saying a man bleeding from apparent stab wounds showed up at the front door of a Blind Bay residence looking for help. Police said they believed the assault was carried out at a nearby car wash and the offence was targeted.

Boucher and two other men, Terrance Alan Jones, then 40, and Jordy Kyle Moyan, 33, were subsequently charged in relation to the incident.

On Aug. 30, 2021 in BC Supreme Court, the first day of Boucher’s trial, Crown Counsel stayed the charges.

Crown Counsel Alison Buchanan told the Observer that prosecution was discontinued because the victim didn’t show up for the trial.

“He was the main witness and we couldn’t proceed without him,” she said.

Boucher, who had been in custody since Sept. 2020 and had applied unsuccessfully for bail, walked from the courthouse that same day.

In April 2021, the trial of Jones and Moyan was set to start but the victim did not show up for their trial. The charges against them were also stayed, and they were freed without trial.

Buchanan said she had hoped that after the April discontinuation, she could connect with the victim and have him testify against Boucher.

“I thought he would show up. I was very hopeful that he would.”

Asked if witnesses don’t show up often, she said “it definitely happens.” She declined to speculate on the reasons.

Asked if the incident was drug-related, she said yes.

To get to BC Supreme Court, a preliminary hearing was held to determine if there was enough evidence to proceed to trial. A voir dire was also held, often dubbed “a trial within a trial,” which determines if a piece of testimony or evidence can be included in the trial.

Asked her reaction to not proceeding, Buchanan said it’s disappointing.

“Given the scale of the investigation and the scale of the prosecution and how much work went into it,” she said.

Technically the Crown has a year in which it could bring back the charges, but Buchanan said that’s rare.

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