Three per cent tax increase is the real issue

Chemainus – All this agonizing over North Cowichan council’s decision to shift the tax burden from residential to commercial taxpayers addresses the wrong problem. The real question that should be asked is how did council let the tax bill balloon by more than three per cent in the first place?

Even a quick glance at the budget reveals expenditures that can only be described as frivolous, impulsive and unnecessary. Others have already questioned why some sidewalk work is being done, or at least done now; and why staff have been allowed to create, incrementally over two years, an entire communications function that many would agree is wholly unnecessary and wasteful.

And as for so-called grants in aid, a $162,000 grab bag of goodies, most of which should never have been approved in the first place, council must be held accountable for that.

The debate over distribution is important and its impact is real, but the five year financial plan that calls for three per cent increases every single year is the real issue. Let’s focus on that.

Tom Masters Chemainus

Cowichan Valley Citizen

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