This week in History

This week's column focuses on events of the week of June 23 from decades gone by.

  • Jun. 21, 2016 3:00 p.m.

June 25, 1926: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Old of Edgewood lost their house and effects in a fire which totally destroyed the house. The fire started in the stove pipe and was not noticed until it had progressed too far to save anything. The couple recently married and lost all their wedding presents in the blaze.


In Edgewood school, under the supervision of Mrs. M.E. Lees, Tecla Egloff was awarded the proficiency award, Doris Watson received the regularity and punctuality award, and Jack MacLeod won the department award. Prizes for the best gardens went to Fred Nesbitt, Jessie Watson, Winnie Jordan, Helen Milne and Kathleen Jowett.


Miss Patricia Gignac, who has been in charge of the Nakusp high school, has resigned her position here and will teach at Salmon Arm high school next year. She will be greatly missed here as she has had excellent results with the students.


June 25, 1936: Fredrick H. White, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. White of Nakusp, has recently been made editor of the South Kootenay News in Salmo. He has been employed by the Rossland Miner for the past two years but received his primary training in the office of the Arrow Lakes News.


Nakusp and Needles will be well represented on the forthcoming Vimy Pilgrimage. George Craft of Needles and A.J. Harrison, Owen Walsh and Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Humphries and daughters, of Nakusp, are planning to make a trip to France.


The Nelson school inspector has reported that it appears that it would be wise for the New Denver and Silverton school districts to amalgamate. Consolidation has also received the support of New Denver principal R.T. Hamilton.


June 27, 1946: Two old time trappers bagged a cougar below Burton last week. Joseph Porter and Fred Zastow shot the 9’ which had been bothering local homes and dogs.

Although the woodworkers’ strike is supposed to be over, the local sawmill may not operate for some time due to high water.


Friday night was another grand event when the town hall board at Arrow Park held its annual concert and dance. The highlight of the program was a Russian dance performed by Miss Aide, our school marm, and Don Gibson, one of her pupils. Ronnie Lee and Ernie Roberts were a great hit with their rendering of “Some Sunday Morning,” with Ronnie dressed as the bride. Sweet Muriel Slater was the winner of the music class.


June 21, 1956: Ten graduates from Nakusp secondary school were honored at ceremonies Friday night. Avis Murphy replied to the toast to the grads, and Patsy Yano proposed the toast to the school board. Gwennyth Brown proposed the toast to the teachers and Bill Robison was valedictorian. The scholarship cup was presented to Bill Robison and David Thexton was presented the citizenship award. Other awards presented were: scholarship, Audrey Hill, Marilyn Skalk, Alan Moseley; citizenship, David Horrey, Barbara Smith, and Eleanor Hoshizaki.

Seven graduates of Lucerne school were honoured at a banquet and dance Friday. Stanley Wilson replied to the toast to the graduates and Colin Bell proposed the toast to the parents and guests.


June 25, 1966: A public meeting regarding the disposition of the Nakusp waterfront was held in the Nakusp Legion Hall on Thursday evening. After viewing the models, discussions were held and citizens were informed that BC Hydro would only consider the 2.5:1 slope because of the wave action along the waterfront and also because some 23 property owners would have to be bought out or relocated. The steeper slope would be covered with soil and cement and would have four protective rock groins built out into the lake. It is now thought that the soil cement could be cut off at Lake Avenue and a sandy beach to extend west, the rest of the way across town, making a total length of 1,100 feet of beach.


June 23, 1976: A fierce storm accompanied by raging winds swept through the area Saturday, leaving hundreds of persons without electricity or telephone service. BC Hydro reported the entire town of Edgewood was without electricity for 10 hours when winds blew a tree over a power line. In Nakusp, trees severed power lines to half a dozen houses, and in Glenbank four houses were powerless when a tree careened through the primary feed line for that neighbourhood. Falling trees created havoc at Nakusp Hot Springs and three vehicles were damaged. A BC Tel spokesperson estimated that some 30 trees had fallen over telephone lines between Nakusp and New Denver, and long distance circuits were down for Nakusp, Burton, Fauquier and Edgewood.


June 25, 1986: Over $1.7 million in renovations for the Nakusp secondary school were approved by Victoria. The work would only be half done by the end of the summer holidays and then alternative classroom space would have to be found or it would disrupt semester schooling.


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