In less than two months, there have been two break-ins at the nonprofit Langley Habitat For Humanity ReStore, which is now planning to add bars to its windows and doors (Langley Advance Times file)

Thieves target non-profit Langley City Habitat for Humanity store, again

Bars on doors and windows will be installed following second incident in less than two months

The non-profit Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Langley City is planning to add anti-theft bars to its doors and windows after suffering a second break-in in less than two months.

Store manager Tony Stark said just over a month after someone smashed their way into the store, they discovered a door had been forced open on Monday, May 18.

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“It happened again,” Stark told the Langley Advance Times.

It appeared some jackets with built-in electrical warmers were taken.

Stark said it looked like the thieves had begun piling merchandise in the aisles for carrying out, but left without taking most of it, likely because the store burglar alarm went off.

“We have the feeling someone spooked them,” Stark speculated.

Stark said the store will add metal bars to doors and windows “to fortify the premises.”

It’s an extra expense at a time when Habitat, which funds housing for the needy, has also seen a dramatic rise in the cost of construction materials, Stark added.

“It’s not cheap.”

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Start took to social media to vent his frustration, posting that “it breaks my heart to spend the money on stopping thieves versus putting the money to building local homes for families that desperately need them.”

He went on to suggest the store might be forced to relocate.

“Normally I think my heart is in the right place, I accept and help everyone that needs it but please understand we have had enough. We can’t keep having our hard work trampled on. As a leadership group, we have and will continue to have discussions on whether we can afford to do business in Langley anymore. How sad is that?”

The 18,000 square foot building at 20104 Logan Ave., just off 200th Street and south of Highway 10, opened in July 2018.

Habitat for Humanity is a registered charity that raises funds by selling a mix of building supplies and furniture, to raise money that goes to help build housing for the needy.

It sells a mix of donor goods, end-of-inventory and returns to Habitat partners like Home Depot.

Anyone with information about the Langley break in is asked to contact police.

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