In 2018, the 55+ BC Games held in Kimberly/Canbrook saw several participants from Burns Lake, Houston and Topley and had over 2,500 total participants across B.C. (John Barth photo/Lakes District News)

The 55+ B.C. Games for 2021 and 2022 postponed due to COVID

Greater Victoria hopes to reschedule to fall 2022 while no date has been set for Abbotsford

  • Dec. 23, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The 55+ BC Games that were to be held in Greater Victoria, are being postponed due to the pandemic, with no set date in mind.

Earlier last week on Dec. 14, the BC Seniors Games Society (BCSGS) with the 2021 Greater Victoria Host Society decided to postpone the 2021 55+ BC Games that were set to run from September 14-18, 2021.

“This is not the decision we wanted to make but the health and safety of our participants and volunteers comes first. Our staff consulted with government and health departments and we all came to the conclusion that this was the best decision we can make with the information we have at the time,” said Paul Kingan, acting president BC Seniors Games Society.

While no date has been confirmed yet, it is being said that the games will be hosted in the fall of 2022 from September 13 to 17.

According to the organization, the ongoing public health concerns due to the pandemic have contributed towards the decision.

In a news release issued by the organization, the moving of the 55+ BC Games a full year ahead has been explained in detail. According to the release, this move provides for the opportunity to deliver not only safe events that meet the required health and safety protocols as established by viaSport as well as the Provincial Health Authority, but more importantly means that participants, families and volunteers who come to Greater Victoria and Abbotsford can expect to not only have great competition but experience all the host communities can offer in terms of music, food, arts and culture without restrictions.”

The city of Abbotsford has also officially requested that the 2022 Games they were awarded in October 2018, be moved to 2023 and no information on the new dates has been released yet.

“Coming together through sport is something that is foundational to building a complete community. This year has been unlike any other, and the safety and well-being of our residents are a top priority. On behalf of the City of Abbotsford, we are looking forward to hosting a fantastic 55+ Games in 2023,” said Henry Braun mayor of Abbotsford.

The annually held 55+ BC Games are hosted in different cities every year by the BCSGS and are one of the largest annual multi-sport gathering events in the province celebrating active and healthy seniors.

In the past, seniors from Burns Lake, Houston and Topley have participated in the games.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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